Saturday, July 4, 2009

Saturday at the scale

Even though I declared a "diet" free weekend, weigh in still happens to keep a handle on the overall progress. As expected, everyone gained.

Me- UP 2.0
Hubby UP 4.2
Son UP 2.4

There were only 2 slips- the pizza the other night and last night we had Angus Burgers on Pretzel roll buns(the 18 point burger), which should not cause that much of a weight gain. So look at other causes, and I find something very interesting. All this week we have had sandwiches on Arnolds Thins for lunch and dinner with raw veggies and fruit for sides. Seems like nice fare for the summer days, but not really. Perhaps too low in calories or points ( I have stopped counting either while trying to watch labels for other substances and keep close tabs on the affect it has on my son). Still the exact same snacks as always, and as far as exchanges it is the same ( an Arnolds is a bread, 2 oz of pasta is a bread and so on).

I think there is something in here to be argued for the practice of heating a real meal at dinner.A meal with a meat, a starch and a veggie or two.Even though it can be the same in calories, exchanges and so forth, perhaps it gives a signal to our brains thatwe have completed the tasks of the day, survived it and now it is time to move into relaxation mode. I don't know and have no scientific proof. Just an observation.

In either case, no worries. What is done is done, it's a new week and today is a holiday, We are going to a party with my family and then will come home and catch the fireworks from New York on TV. Call me crazxy, but they are better watched on a High Def TV without moquitos and so forth. Hope you have a good one !

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