Thursday, July 16, 2009

And a little child shall lead them

Well, perhaps not a little child, but a child none the less !

While things have reacxhed the "lazy days of summer" as far as school goes, we still continue with our weight loss efforts, and quite frankly we have all reached a point where if we see one more meal of the same old thing, we are going to run screaming into the land of wide variety , but unhealthy choices. Clean eating is good , but after a while it puts your tastebuds and sensual eating self into a coma if you are not careful. Last night I reached a point where if I saw one more boneless skinless chicken breast cross our table I would lose my mind, so we ordered out. Thankfully we have one very good, very healthy fast food option near by in Polo Loco. An order of grilled citrus marinated chicken, steamed veggies, bbq black beans and corn tortillas seemed to give us a new lease on life. And it got son to thinking.

This morning we had our normal pumpkin oats with toppings- something no one seems to be tired of at this time. Perhaps it is because you can mix in the toppings, perhaps it is because the variety of flavor. Who knows, but it still remains a keeper . After breakfast it was out for a walk and then the kind of day to tackle individual projects and so forth. I got a lot of things accomplished, and son started brainstorming out loud some ideas for lunch. I have been teaching him about healthy choices and letting hom experiment with different ideas for meals. He has a really good food sense these days, and it is fun to watch what he brainstorms. Here was what he came up with for lunch

It is a whole wheat pita stuffed with mixed baby greens, barbaqued black beans and garbanzos, homemade guacamole and black olives. Baby carrots, assorted cut melon and pineapple salad and a 100 calorie pack of sunchips on the side. It was INCREDIBLY good ! I am tickled pink- he is actually paying attention to all of this stuff with nutrition !

Later in the afternoon, more out of force of habit than anything else, we had a snack

A white nectarine and a Fiber Plus bar. Yes, bad stuff in the bars and the chips, but as I said you get to a point with totally clean eating where your taste buds consider comittting suicide due to mind numbing boredom.

Dinnertime rolled around, and no one was hungry. Us from the incredibly high fiber day, daddy from a very late double lunch. I think my son may be a food genius !


Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

He did a great job, Diane!!

Sometimes our kids' input may surprise us! They actually do listen to us!

Twisted Cinderella said...

he did an awesome job!