Friday, July 17, 2009

Ouchy Friday

Today started out not the best. I was awakened at 1 am with a lot of pain in my knee, and absolutely no drug, ointment or trick at my disposal would get it gone. It was a serious arthritis flair, and I assumed that it was due to the level of humidity in the air. So I got up and tried to just shift things around to be able to get comfy enough to sleep, but it was no use. I tried to sleep for a while but eventually gave up. So I came out to do some reading through of my herb notes, and discovered that the reason may be the goji berries that I have been eating every morning for almost a year. Turns out in some people they can create an inflammatory response- making arthritis worse and more. So bye bye goji berries , and we will see if this helps.

So breakfast this morning was the usual pumpkin oats with flax seeds, coconut,crasins and diced prunes and figs.I really like the taste of prunes. I know- I am weird !

I managed to get in as much walking as the knee pain would allow me during the day, but I intentionally held back because I knew we were going to have to go grocery shopping, and I need ed to be functionally mobile for that. It sounds pathetic, but you do what you have to do.

Lunch was a veggie rich, tasty concoction made up of veggies that were intended for other purposes this week but did not get used and gnocci. Gnocci is an Italian potato pasta sort of dumpling, and this made a nice change from our normal sandwiches. Son requested we make it into a "Love Lunch"- meaning eat it by candlelight. I talked him into just eating together at the one smaller table in the sunshine.
Gnocci, broccoli, mushrooms, red peppers, pearl onions, a little bit of leftover turkey, cut up mellon and 100 calorie pack of sunchips on the side.

Silly me- it just dawned on me that these sun chips- and all the other 100 calorie packs we bought this time- have dairy in them. Don't ask me what part of my brain saw the word cheddar and forgot tha it is a cheese. AND that cheese is dairy. Good news is that having them yesterday did not cause any seriuos stomach issues with me or Nick, so perhaps we can tollerate some dairy. Only way to be sure is to give it a try, which explains in part the reason for my choice at dinner
As i said, we had to go grocery shopping, and our store has a deli and hot foods bar with some great pizza, stromboli and more. I decided to get some veggie pizza- it came out to a two slice portion. Another plus was that it was served at the counter , placed in a container and there was little liikelyhood of me losing my stability and spilling it all over the ground. I kid you not- my knee is THAT bad today. When we got back from the store i ste to chopping up carrots, fruit salad and wound up nibbling on some carrots as I did.

Tomorrow is weigh in, and we have an unezxpected errand of mercy to preform. My sister contracted a trojan virus on her computer and we are heading up there to do a total reformat to see if this will rid thde hard drive of the problem. if my knee is more cooperative, I may take Nick out for a walk around the very long block that he house sits on.

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JC said...

Hope that knee calms down soon. When my left knee acts up it is a pain that I can not even describe so I understand you misery.

I would think the cheddar used in the SunChips would not be real diary. Isn't is somekind of powder put on the chips? I don't know I've never had them. I wouldn't think it would have the same affect as the cheese on the pizza would have. I'll be looking forward to know how your feeling now.

Sorry, I've gotten a little behind on reading.