Sunday, May 10, 2009

When bread costs more than gas

Yesterday was a typical Saturday with errands, shopping and chopping. At least that is how it would appear on the surface. Small details like trying to move into a less gluten laden diet and sticker shock tell the rest of the story.

After weigh in was breakfast, which my husband made. Part of the reason was I was just not awake, and other part was a Mother's Day sort of pay it forward thing. Sunday mornings for Pastoral Musicians are working days, no matter who is being honored, and are just as busy as weekday mornings. He made our standard pumpkin oats and topped it with goji berries, coconut, ground flax, crasins, bran and olive oil. Yogert, apple , green tea on the side as well. As I ate my brain started thinking and reveiwing the week past. Yes, nuts have to go , but my thoughts also turned to my son's behaviors of the week past. Then I realized that we had eaten a rather high level of gluten in the week that had passed. Arnolds thins every day at lunch, pasta a couple of evenings. There has been a lot of talk about the impact gluten has for autistics, and there have been several who have been struggling with weight and other problems who have found relif in gluten free diets. I thought about our past track record with this , and decided it was time to try something different this week. It is a plan that is not technically gluten free, but instead focusing on foods that have not proven to be problematic for my son's issues or our weight loss journey.

So off we went to the grocery store, and while there grabbed lunch. Our store has a salad bar and hot food entree sort of bar, and their prices are great. It is a happy compromise between fast food and home cooking. We grabbed a stromboli ( not pictured) and then hit the isles. I decided to try corn pasta and Brown Rice bread this week as well as La Tortilla wraps. In the past we have had no problems with the la Tortilla wraps, so those I belive can stay. When I recover from the sticker shock of the Brown Rice bread and corn pasta, I will let you know !
Dinner was an old favorite with a new twist. Italian sausage and peppers on a La Tortilla lo carb wrap instead of the old sub sort of roll. Strawberries and carrot sticks on the side, and then an evening of Merv Griffin's crossword puzzles on the Wii ( daddy was the biggest loser, so daddy chooses)

This evening we are heading up to visit my mom for Mothers Day and catch up with family. I was presented with a homnemade card from my son, who decided all on his own to make one, and did it all on his own. The cover reads Happy Vilentines Day, and it just made me crack up and smile from ear to ear. He gets confused about holidays, and I am not a big fan of either Mothers Day or valentine's day, so this is the perfect answer from my son to his mom. I hope you all have as bright of a moment for yourself on this day !


Squishy ! said...

Oh, the homemade cards are the absolute best, aren't they?
:o )

Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

Happy Mother's Day! I think you are such a great mom and totally dedicated to your son and his health and well being! You are really terrific :)

Sarah said...

Happy Mother's Day :) Your son's card sounds so incredibly sweet.