Friday, May 8, 2009

I think I can do this !

It's a great morning here. The sun is shining, my husband is reinstated back to the role of Mister Wonderful and I am beginning to actually be able to think and function without coffee ! So much so that not only was I able to make breakfast safely this morning, but I was also able to think of something else in a sort of planning detail aspect at the same time. (Yes, thank you brain for returning ! I need you !)

Yesterday was kind of an icky, sluggish not so great day. The skies were gray, I was tired and feeling bad emotionally. However our routine of pumpkin oats seemed to help me wake up.
I topped yesterdays bowl with Mission figs,goji berries,ground flax, coconut , wheat bran and olive oil. On the side and not pictured was Yo plus, an apple, water and green tea. I am finding that i really like the taste of figs in my oatmeal but I hate taking the 30 seconds to cut them up with kitchen shears. Why is that ? 30 seconds is not going to make the universe spin out of orbit or something. So why has that pack sat on the counter, unopened for a week because I am hesitant to take 30 seconds out of the morning to cut them up ?

Our school morning was a joy. We are doing a lapbook this week on the life of John Paul II for one of our subjects, and it covers all kinds of interesting details about the man, such as favorite foods, languages spoke and more. Yesterday we were focusing on the languages spoke and we kind of got side tracked with listening to commercials for american products in other lands and more. That's one fun thing about homeschool- you start on one topic and the rabbit trails you connect with as a result can make for a fascinating day. Hunger made us break for a quick to grab lunch
Turkey Pastrami and provalone on Arnolds Thins, Homemade Minestrone soup, Yo Plus, carrots, celery and an apple. Water to wash it down. We kind of raced through the meal so we could get back and finish our school day as there was more to accomplish afterwords.

After school I got involved in planning our next week menus and grocery shopping. I am begining to belive that there are only so many ways to cook chicken and I have done them all. I am also reminded that we have a way too narrow variety of frozen vegetable options in the world !It makes it difficult to plan menus when you are trying to lose weight and stay within a certain budget ! However, in the end I opt for some standards, some variety and heavily on what the sale flyers offer each week.

Dinner was turkey spinach asiago sausage in jarred marinara sauce over whole wheat couscous with a salad on the side. To the rest of the world, this would appear in the form of spaghetti with turkey sausage, but I found you get more volume with couscous used in the place of pasta. Volume was kind of important last night, as the guys were heading out to see the new Star Treck movie with hubby's company, and they wanted to go snack free. If they are full, there will be less temptation. I chose not to go because quite frankly, I am not a fan of Sci Fi type movies in the least and I would rather watch movies at home. I don't like the loud sounds in theater movies for one thing. So they went and I had an evening of peace and quiet. What did I do ? Perhaps the most exciting thing a homeschool mom could do- windowshop for next years curriculum !

No exercise yesterday, but I am going to make up for it today. It's a sunny day and the birds are singing to beat the band .


Dutch said...

I just bought those Arnold Thins at Sam's Club. I can't wait to try them. I noticed them on a few of the blogs I read and I love that they are only 100 calories. Have a great weekend.

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

I hope you like them ! To me they are sort of like a cross between and English muffin and a bun. The only drawback is the holes in them let moist things leak out, but I think a leaf of lettuce between the filling and these would stop that from happening.

Hope your weekend is happy and restorative !