Thursday, May 28, 2009

Not moving, but grooving !

Exercise ?? Who- me ???!!!???

This has been a bad, bad week for exercise.I have done none. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Well at least since Monday when I did some work with the stability ball and hand weights. It has just been one of those weeks. Trapped in planning land( Spend 3 hrs looking for one specific form you know you have on disc and discover 50 other things you can use and then learn that new stuff you thought you were saving did not save so find a substitute and...oh yeah, what the heck was I looking for ???)And then somewhere in there son reminds me it is dinner or lunch or something andI forget what I was doing all together. And interestingly enough, he has also ignored the chart for exercise. Only reason for this is that it was posted and not carried out for a week before posted, so it has no meaning to him.

I am not upset about it. The break has been for good reason, plus it has been so incredibly humid and cold out that my arthritis is flaring up. I have it in my right knee , due to an old injury, and in my spine. I know moving will help it be less painful, but sometimes certain things take a greater precedent than losing weight for a short time. I just have to take care that the short time does not stretch into a long one. At least I am guaranteed of getting in some walking tonight at the store, as we do one of three different grocery stops for the week. And it has been a really good week food wise, so all is not lost.

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