Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday, and we face the scale

First off, weigh in. How did we fare with a week of exercise, eating within our points and calorie range, getting in all health goals, no coffee, no sugar and switching to an anti yeast diet ?

Me- up 0.4 pounds. ( You thought I would lose ? You silly person . My body does not know how to lose it seems !)
Hubby- up 2.8. He made the decision to eat the things we are trying to get out of the house with this new way of eating
Son - DOWN 3.2 !

Yesterday seemed to be food that impressed someone

Breakfast was an egg beater scrambled egg with green onions, mushroom and zucchini on a La Tortilla wrap with a wedge of Laughing Cow lite , baby spinach and topped with salsa. On the side was Yo Plus, apple, water and green tea. For some reason, the addition of salsa on the burrito made my son get all excited. He kept going on about how fancy and beautiful it was and how I was the best mom and the best "cooker". he cracks me up when he gets wowed .

Our walk had to be canceled due to rain, so we did Biggest Loser Yoga instead and laughed at parts were we both lost our balance.This made a good start to the school day I think. Didn't we all love those days when our teachers were revealed to be very human ?

Lunch was another "how fancy mom! " deal. Take two slices of turkey breast and a slice of provolone cheese. Lay the meat out, place the cheese on top, roll it up like a jelly roll and cut into slices. Add 18 All Bran crackers, celery and carrot sticks, a mug of butternut squash soup, yp plus , an apple and water, and you have something that is better and fancier looking than a lunchable. This is the last time Yo Plus will be eaten by me. It is only one point per container, but has artificial sweetner in it, which I am going to avoid in the yeast free move. Stevia sweetners are allowed.

Dinner was a result of needing to run out to do part of the grocery shopping and "if I see one more peice of marinated grilled chicken I will scream" kind of thing. KFC's new grilled chciken to the rescue. There was another reason for this- we plan on going for an overnighter in a couple of weeks and we need to find yeast free options to eat. KFC's grilled chicken is pretty darned tasty, and if you toss away the biscuits, yeast free. Daddy went to go pick this up and ate the four biscuts before bringing this home because son is an absolute bread junkie, and if he saw them it would be World War 3 at the dinner table. How can I fault a guy for doing what he belives is in the best intrest of his son ?

So another week begins. I am sticking my tounge out at mister Scale. The numbers may be going in the wrond direction still, but I am getting hip bones and something that appears to be a butt.I never had one before- it is exciting !

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Sugar Bush Primitives said...

Congratulations to the "Shrinking Son". I think we'll all get there if we just keep pluggin' away!