Saturday, May 30, 2009

Weigh in is what begins each Saturday

So it has been a bad week for exercising, good week for food intake and a week of another dietary change for reasons beyond weight loss.

Me- DOWN 0.6- I think it is hilarious that I tend to lose on weeks that I do not work out.
Son- UP 2.2- no exercise and the dietary change
Hubby- UP 1.4most likely the diet change

This past week we added yeast back to our diet because I was not seeing a great change in son's autism from the two weeks of cutting it out. This coming week we are going to eliminate dairy to see if this is the substance that is doing the most harm. It will be a much better week for exercise !


Rosie said...

I think cutting dairy might help some... I've read a few times that cutting dairy helps to loss weight. I predict another losing week for you and also for the guys.

Slim said...

The elimination "diet" is a great way to go for many reasons. I have a son that's ADHD & we did that with him. We found that dairy is a serious "trigger" for him. We also have a child who may have other issues, so we started the elimination diet again. (Drop all foods/drinks that contain yellow doc dyes, all dairy & cut sugar by 90%. Add flaxseed once or twice a day). I know it may not be the same as you're doing but I wonder if it could help with your son?

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

Years ago we did the Feingold Diet to try to bring him around, but he did not respond to it. Elimination of dairy cut out a nonstop cycle of ear infections and antibiotics. The thing that we have seen the biggest improvement with to date was adding essential fatty acids to his diet. After that he was present enough to get past the severe texture issues, and make weight loss even possible. He is taking flaxseed oil caps three times a day, eating ground flax with breakfast, and taking evening primrose oil 3 times a day. He also gets vitamin C and probiotics three times a day, and these have also helped immensely. The more I read about biomedical treatments and just what they do for autism, the more my instinct is to go back to the dropping dairy again. I think this might finally deliver the final 1-2 punch to knock this out of him. And with myself, reading about the affects of dairy, I think I have been having problems with it for almost 40 years now .

Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

Yay for your loss!

Hope cutting out dairy works out for you all this week!