Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mondays can be good

Yesterday proved to be a very good, very balanced day for several fronts here. I am trying to switch up our menu and keep anything that has proven a problem for my son out of our diet. Makes for some interesting meals- and makes me wonder if the trigger substance for him is more yeast than gluten after all.
Breakfast was a veggie egg beater omlette on a La Tortilla high fiber lo carb wrap with baby spinach and a wedge of laughing cow lite. Strawberries, Yo Plus, water and green tea to accompany. Son was all excited and called these Mom Burritos. I was concerned that the switch from oatmeal to these would leave him hungry during the day, but that was not true. Afterwords we went out for a 40 minute walk before tackling our schoolwork for the day. We both have new MP3 players loaded with songs to motivate and take your mind off things, and it happened that both of ours happened to be playing the exact same song as we started out. We laughed about the coincidence and kept joking on the way.

Lunch was a fun shift- homemade lunchables with lentil soup. 2 Rye Crisp High Fiber crackers topped with a slice of provalone cheese and turkey breast. Cantalope, carrots, celery and yo plus on the side and water to wash it down. Lunchables have been a great big no no in this house for a long time , as they average 8-10 points and contain no fiber, too much salt, fat, transfat and questionable ingredients. Sadly they were one thing my son LOVED to get as a special treat. This is going to work out very well as a lunch option.

At dinner we tried something new to us- long grain red rice.
A quarter cup dry is 200 calories,1.5 grams fat and 4 grams fiber - 3 points to you weight watchers. It has a nutty sort of taste and aroma and comes out not at all sticky.

Dinner was grilled chicken breast, orange cauliflower, red rice, baby greens with mushrooms and lemon water to wash it down. The orange califlower was on sale this week for 49 cents a pound , and I had no room n my freezer for frozen vegetables. Made for a winning option.. After dinner we all went out for another 25 minute walk and then settled in for an evening of TV and assorted chores.


Sugar Bush Primitives said...

wow! Those Mom Burritos look yummy!h

jh said...

Love the homemade lunchables! It makes so much sense and is such a healthy twist on something fun, convenient and yet utterly horrible for you. Thanks, I will have to make my kids their own.

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skywind said...

Oh, really is a very good look.
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