Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Open letter to my son

Dear son,

let me take this opportunity to correct a few minor details. First off, ,it is MINESTRONE soup, and not Marscapone soup. Second it is QUINOA and not kinikinic. Third, it is INTERMITTENT showers not intrmuscumbable showers.

I have to admire your spirit and what motives you to exercise. Most people would do this through energetic music. You,in your unique and atypical fashion do so to old Bill Cosby comedy routines. I do not know many adults who would choose to put on an MP3 player with headphones and RUN ,all the while screaming at the top of their lungs to one of Bill's old routine about God speaking to Noah. I don't understand how this motivates you, but it does and who am I to question your approach. I am just your mother. I am supposed to know the how and why, but those super powers passed me by.

I have to complement you at how you motivate me. I say two laps, you put on your headphones, do not hear me or anything else, and you continue to run for a full mile, making me run after you insuring that you do not run into an oncoming car, unsuspecting person or directionally challenged goose. You rock !

Somehow through all this, I see you are growing into a very refreshing, intelligent , unique human being who makes the whole world smile with your style. Now if somehow you have inherited enough of your father's wonderful points, you will have the whole world as your oyster !


TJ said...

Your son and Hubman would get along great. Although he doesn't exercise to him, he does love to listen/watch Bill Cosby routines.

Loved reading this post about your son. Kids are so amazing!

Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

What an awesome post to your son!

Sugar Bush Primitives said...

Terrific post!

Joania said...

Great post to your son!!!

BTW, I left something on my blog for you!! Check it out! It's your lucky day!!