Monday, May 18, 2009

Healing is not pretty

You know what happens when you make a dietary change that addresses getting rid of an allergy or something that is intolerant to your body that you have been consuming for a while ? It detoxes. And detoxing is not pretty. I woke up yesterday feeling just plain icky, and it kept up through the day. I am doing the removal of yeast diet with my son, and we are both feeling the affects of detox. Means it is working. Just a note- some of the things we eat do not fit the official classification of yeast free, but I have allowed them because according to energy testing ( it's sort of like applied kinseology), our bodies can tolerate them at this time. It may change as we become more candida free.

Breakfast was pumpkin grains ( oats, wheat berries and barley) with olive oil, bran, goji berries, coconut, flax and crasins. The guys then went off to church services and I got to spend time in my own studies. While doing that i found out more about completely fresh coconut that i had bought for it's anti fungal properties, and what to do with it. I think I got a bad patch of it or something because it was really terrible in taste and texture. Come to think of it, I am now wondering if this stuff was not the pulp of the tree wood instead of the fruit ? I will have to investigate that.

The guys came home for lunch and I fixed something my husband has had a kind of craving for- polish sausage. Son and i had them rolled up in a LaTortilla high fiber tortilla with celery, carrots and brocco-flower on the side. Also included was plain nonfat yogert and fruit salad. We then headed out for a trip to Trader Joes and Borders, and skipped the woods because I was feeling really icky and hubby is dealing with a bout of allergies. I got three books at Borders ( two by Jenny McCarthy on Autism and biomedical intervention and one on a yeast free diet) and we found goodies at TJ. Son had decided that sardines were something he wanted to try as well as dragon fruit, so i bought them for him to try. After tasting he has determined that sardines are disgusting but dragon fruit is delicious !

Dinner was fulfilling another request of my hubby- meat loaf. This one was made with ground chuck and BBQ sauce and cooked in the crock pot. Boy have I come a long way ! As a child and most of my adult life i have eaten meatloaf and liked it. Not anymore. I could not eat all of mine. On the side we had baked potatoes, Asian themed steamed veggies , a green salad and lemon water.

There was no time for snacking much of the day, and i just did not feel hungry so I skipped it. In the evening while watching The Tudors I remembered that I was low on dairy for the day and kind of hungry, so I made myself a snack of plain yogurt with fruit salad and a Fiber One bar with water. Sweet, filling and satisfying.

I am still feeling kind of yucky today , so we will see what we will see with exercise. it is out last week of school as well, so things are going to be a little out of the norm.


JC said...

I had fresh coconut in Hawaii several years back and it was absolutely terrible. HA!!! I didn't know what we buy in the can is sweetened. Good luck with controlling your allergies with diet. I believe it can be done with diligence.

karen said...

Hope you get the icky feelings gone soon! Today went WAAAAAAAAY over my calories here which is not at all a smart thing since I also forgot to weighin this morning so have to either do it tonight before work or tomorrow ... and I'll have 10 yummy wings plus all the other food from the day (and yesterday ... and the day before ...) sitting like a pile of bricks in my full (but taste-satisfied) belly. I think I'll just do it tonight to get it over with. My frenzy goal will never get met at the rate I'm going!