Monday, May 11, 2009

Doin it Mommy style !

It was a really nice Mother's Day here. I think we may have finally found the perfect balance in regards to our eating plan, son's autism, extended family and more. Well, at least for now that is. The morning stared with our usual oatmeal mix ( I forgot to take pictures), and church services for hubby. Son was home with me and between watching weird TV shows he kept writing me "Vilintines Day cards' featuring heart pictures that he found on line. It just kept me smiling !

Lunch was our first adventure into gluten free breads, with turkey breast and baby spinach on Brown Rice Loaf. Watermelon on the side and Yo Plus as well as water to wash it down. Should have been about a gallon of water because this bread was unbelievably dry, crumbly and tasteless. It was so bad that we pulled the turkey and spinach off to roll it up and eat it without the bread. Never again for that one. I plan on turning te rest of the loaf into bread crumbs for other uses.

After lunch we headed out for a walk and a trip to Meijers to look for supplements and a swim suit for me. Good news is that I found one and a cover up wih little problem. Bad news is the price of swimsuits ! My husband reminded me that they have been this high in comparason every time I have had to buy one. I think that is the reason I will wear them till they fall apart- sadly my last one will not get that luxury, as it is way too big to wear anymore.

Then we headed over to my mom's to wish her a Happy Mother's Day

Yep, this is the woman who taught me how to be a mom, tie my shoes, what a wife is supposed to be like and all the reasons why if you are going to lie you better keep your story straight. Like do not claim to have never eaten the cookies while you have crumbs on your face.Mom is 70 and has Dementia, and it is sadly to the point where the simple act of opening a card is more than she can understand. She knows who her family is and loves to be around them. as well as play with her hair and dance at any chance she gets. We happened to be there at the same time as 2 of my other sisters, my brother, 7 of my neices and nephews and two great grandnephews...with two more waiting to make an apperance later this year. Here are two of the next generation, who appear to be getting along as great cousin buddies
It was a great time, but we chose to leave before dinner. Not only do family gatherings mean a lot of not so healthy food, but for my son the comnbination of overstimulation from all the cousins, games and such with bad for him food equals a couple of days worth of melt down and struggling to bring him back to the light. My family understands, so no hard feelings.

Dinner was a big garden salad with carrots, grilled pork chop and corn veggie pasta. This is a winner and will definately be kept in our rotation. Lemon water to wash it down. It was very niceto come home and just kind of ease back into the normal pattern of the week. Son gave me an absolute scare twoards bedtime. He has been acting kind of odd the last week ( autistic odd) and it is going to take a couple of days to get him past the affects of the dciet ( and I have to get him to take an epson salts bath today to help. He went into his room to watch his TV, and a while later I got up to go potty and noticed he was not in his room. I looked, and i could not find him and paniced. We live on the 3rd floor, I did not hear the door open or clothes, so he has to be in the house , but where ? Turns out, ,he crawled into our bed on my side and fell sound asleep. Why ? I can only guess. We did The Family Bed with him till he was 7 yrs old, and to this day when he gets feeling insecure or scared or whatever, he crawls in our bed. I think it is a kind of a coping mechanisim, like most kids. All is well, but it gave me a real scare. Being a mom means you suddenly have your heart walking outside of your body with two feet you canot control. To possibly lose that heart is one of the scarriest things in life.


JC said...

Your Mom is so young. I have a sister her age. It sounds like you had a nice visit. I proud of you for knowing when you need to remove your child from the environment. I have not idea of the panic you must have felt so I'm so happy all is well. Girl you must have really been snoozing not to know he was in your bed. HA!!! Thanks for the food critique on the bread and corn pasta.

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

My mom is relatively young. I am her firstborn and she had me six weeds before her 20th birthday ( My dad was just barely 20). It was the 50's and lots of people seemed to marry young and start families right away.It has made it easy for me to remember her age as a result ( my dad died from breast cancer in 2004). I am very fortunate that my family is understanding of our situation. There are going to be times when it gets really tricky, but one day at a time for each of them !