Saturday, May 2, 2009

If it's Saturday, it's weigh in

The sun rose and i did not want to get out of bed this morning. Not that I was tired or that it was cold, but getting up meant facing the dreaded, ugly, evil scale. It's not that I have had a bad week, but rather that i am getting so absolutely bone tired of trying and trying and trying all week long to be rewarded with either nothing lost or a gain. For me doing the work is not the hard part. Seeing it translated into numbers is. So I stalled for as long as i could, in spite of the best efforts of the guys to get me up, and finally admitted I could not stay in bed for the rest of my life and imagine myself in a world where scales do not exist. The results ?

Me down 1.6 ! ( yes, giving up coffee, soda and moving exercise to 2 times a day seems to be working, as well as no nuts

Son- down 1.6 ( yeay !)

Hubby - UP 3.8 ( they had a milestone birthday party for one of his staff, catered by Panda Express and he felt he could not bow out of this one, so he is most likely retaining massive amounts of water this morning. It will come off)

So begins a new week , on the course of no coffee, no diet soda, nuts only if they are in something and exercise 2 times a day.