Saturday, March 20, 2010

Weigh ,weigh, blow the man down

Let us begin the day with the weigh in

Me 240.6- UP 3.0 lbs. There can be some very good reasons for this- I have increased my activity level and the gain could be the temporary back lash some people get when they begin to first build muscle. Second reason could be hormonal- I am still fertile, and I have always gained at ovulation. In my younger years it was as much as a 20 lb gain in a week( PCOS means you do not release an egg but instead produce multiple fluid filled cysts). In either case I an not concerned because i know i am doing all I should, my body has a wisdom that does not always relay information to my will and this too shall pass.

Son- DOWN 1.6 ! ( It can be really frustrating to have 3 people doing the same thing in ratio and proportion to their own body and see wildly different results)

Hubby - UP 0.2 ...or as I told him a bunny fart. His gain is most likely due to muscle. His office was moved last weekend and he now has to walk a long flight of stairs several times a day. This too will level out and the gain will pass.

Yesterday's food- the yummy portion of the post !
Breakfast was polenta with apple, pear, date and raisins. I think oatmeal is my favorite grain , but I like to try to include a variety of healthy foods in our diet.

Lunch was a twist on an old favorite for us - Orange sesame noodles but now made with whole wheat pasta, kale and the sauce was a mix of orange juice, peanut butter and a teaspoon of soy sauce. I tossed a peeled Cutie (mandarin) orange on the top. On the side was a Cole slaw made from cabbage, beet, kohlrabi, carrot, apple and raisin. The dressing was soy milk, mayonnaise, vinegar and apple juice.

Dinner was a great idea gone bad ! I made a marinara sauce in the crockpot with kale, zuchini,mushroom, red pepper and meatballs made out of ricotta and lentils ( It was both St Joseph's Day and a meatless Friday, so it sounded like a winner for my Italian Catholic husband). Non meat meat balls in a crockpot tend to fall apart, and the result is a kind of messy stew. I served this over Whole wheat pasta and we had a beet slaw on the side ( shredded beets, red cabbage and carrots in a vinegar dressing). It is so funny to me that my former veggie hating son now not only loves veggies but requests and sneaks them. While I was making dinner he kept sneaking pinches of shredded beets and raw mushrooms. It made me think of those Hidden Valley Ranch dressing commercials where the kids are eating veggies and loving them. My, we really have come a long way in this !


Diane Fit to the Finish said...

Wow you really have come a long way! Congratulations to the son on the weight loss. I know you are happy for him.

I hope yours comes back down where you want it to by next week. Have a great rest of the weekend!

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

After I hit publish I realized that one of the causes of my gain might have been the corned beef we had on Wednesday. Good tasting, but corned beef IS very salty. In either case, I am not worried- it will come off !