Saturday, March 27, 2010

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

Today on "When vegetables attack..." . At least that was how it felt today ! I started off the week with some surplus produce from the week before, added new stuff , got a little lost as to what was this week and what was the week before and...well it was getting chaotic in the kitchen ! I determined to use up as much as I possibly could with what I had on hand, pitch as little as possible and start totally fresh with Saturday's shopping trip. It is days like this I miss having a juicer !

Breakfast was Steel Cut Oats with apple, pear and cranberries. Fruit was strangely one thing we seemed to buy just enough of

Lunch felt like "Attack of the produce department" ! Leftover garbanzo bean salad, leftover southwest black bean salad and whole wheat couscous with summer squashes and kale to attempt to use it up. Tasty, but WAY too heavy for lunch. Son and I were complete slugs all afternoon.

Dinner was Sweet Potato Lentil salad garnished with walnuts and dates. One of the best salads I have ever tasted !

I watched Jamie Olivers Food Revolution last night. No new information , but it really made me angry to think that the kids in the Chicago Public School system as well as other places are forced to eat this crud and barred from bringing their own lunches to school. It also ANGERED me that in the end the District Superintendent indicated that a possible change was going to be determined by cost and if the kids liked it. Excuse me , but are the schools in place to be profitable or to aid in the growth and development of children ???? I think that is the real question that needs to be asked. As far as like or dislike being a factor, most kids "dislike " learning math, grammar and doing homework , but that is required. Why not the same thing for actual nutritious food ? Did someone miss the memo that stated the body and brain are connected ??? The more I thought about it, the more angered I became over so many things in our society . We are a lot more than numbers, statistics , profits and possessions. One day perhaps we will collectively wake up to that fact.

And for that reason alone, the scale has become a lot less of my focus in life. We are still losing, but more importantly we are gaining a lot in overall health. That is the bottom line in all of this. Skin , hair and nails have improved, energy levels are up, my son's academic performance has improved, Autism behaviors are becoming less and less, his psoriasis has virtually disappeared. Hubby's digestive issues have dissipated, his allergies have drastically improved and energy levels have improved. My digestive issues are gone, hair skin and nails have improved, energy levels are up and my cycles seem to indicate I am once again fertile ( scary thought). My clothes are looser, my rings are looser, my shoes are looser and I look younger. All of those things make a number on a scale trivial at best.


spunkysuzi said...

Exactly!! I used to weigh daily now i'm back to once a week and if i forget i don't really care :)
My psoriasis is always better when i'm eating healthy!
I'm so glad that you and your whole family are doing better because of healthy eating.

Sally said...

Daily weigh ins are useless. Your weight can fluctuate by up to 2lbs a day.

As long as you feel better and feel that you are looking better the number on the scale is meaningless.

It sounds to me as if you are doing all the right things. Well done and keep up the good work