Sunday, March 7, 2010

Saturday at the club ( Food Club that is)

Not a whole lot of excitement going on here. Some people seem to have the idea that everyone goes out to clubs or parties on Saturday nights. Here Saturday nights are either spent in family board games or finishing up prep work for the week to come - be it getting veggies and meats ready for the week, preparing materials for the homeschool lessons of the week or so forth.Not glamorus, not decadent, but necessary . I think as you become a parent and your children move from infancy into childhood you begin to realize just how little of your life is really your own some weeks.Make that child a special needs person and it gets more complicated. Not a complaint in the least, but rather a matter of fact. When all is said and done in the future, few will remember or even care what number came up on the scale when you stepped on , how many races you have run or how much you can bench press. What they will notice is what kind of living legacy you leave in the form of your children. Are they a contribution to this thing we call society ? Are they able to function on there own as capable adults ? Do they help to inspire and guide those around them ? Are they happy with who they are ?

One rather "exciting" thing came out of the kitchen last night. I have been using recipes by a whole foods site and Dr Joel Furhman, and I have to say the ones by Dr Furhman are absolutely brilliant. There are combination's of things I would have never dreamed up, and they are filling and absolutely delicious. This one had my mouth watering ever since I stumbled on it last week - Tropical Fruit Salad ( served with a roast vegetable pizza)

Take a blend of romaine and watercress, then top it with a mix of pineapple, papaya, mango, orange, banana, grapes( added because most of the mango was severely bruised) and sprinkle with coconut.It was TO DIE FOR good ! There is something very wonderful about combining fresh fruit with fresh greens in either a salad or a smooth. I think the enzyme action of the fruit helps our digestive system absorb the nutrients from the greens more efficiently, and something makes our taste buds just party over this. Spinach and oranges, spinach and strawberries, lettuce and tomato ( tomato is a fruit but because it is low sugar we think of it as a veggie). The combination just seems to fit. Sweet fruits and stronger flavored greens and just incredible. If you have not done so, try it on your own sometime!

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