Friday, March 19, 2010

Moles and cold roast veggies

Nature speaks to me. Sometimes it whispers softly, other times it seems to jump up and yell. Quite often , when I am mentally wrestling with something , the most intelligent thing I can do is head to the woods for a walk, think and keep my eyes open for the answer. I tell people that trees are my teacher- they laugh and think I am joking, but I never am. Yesterday was one of those times, and I managed to capture the answer in pictures. We had made plans o take another trip to the woods because the weather was beautiful this week. Daylight savings is a real plus for us in the fact that more hours of light in the late afternoon allows us to get outside more. All week long I have been wrestling with an issue. It's not important to say exactly what it is , but important to say that when the deeper changes of menopause( not physical ones) meet the journey of weight loss and a long term relationship, it can get interesting ! For those who are not yet at that joyful time of life, know that the shifting hormone landscape can make you very...irrational ?You think about things deeper and sometimes those thoughts lead to some really erroneous, illogical conclusions. Being a wife can be hard work , and if your husband is involved in ministry at some level , things can get really complicated .Mix those factors together and you get.....

Mole trails. Things look sort of dead on the surface, but there is evidence of something really big moving below the surface. As much as you would like to hide the issue, it leaves a mark that can trip up the surface dwellers. The soil underneath benefits in some way from the stirrings underground, but if left unchecked it can destroy the stability of the trees and consume the tap roots of important plants. Left unchecked, moles can go on and on and on...

It seemed that nature had spoken. Address the moles. If something is bothering me, bring it into the light.

So we walked and I thought of how to bring up what I had on my mind ( which took me all night to figure out how to put it into words- words can be tricky things at times), and enjoyed the sunshine. There was a cool , stiff breeze in the air which seemed to say that the Maiden of Spring was wrestling with Old Man Winter for the last of the doughnuts. Snow is in the forecast for this weekend.

Breakfast was oatmeal , lunch was soup and hummus and veggies again but dinner was a new idea for me

Turkey spinach burgers with sweet potato fries ( old news) and a salad of romaine and watercress topped with chilled leftover roast veggies from the night before and walnuts and ried cranberries. It occurred to me that you can make a good salad with roast veggies, you can eat them chilled and combining the two would probably be a good idea. It really was ! I am thinking about simply roasting a mess of veggies to keep on hand in the fridge for a couple of days to add to salads. What a convenient, yummy thing !

Tomorrow is weigh in and I think it's going to be a good one. I am noticing that all of my clothes are fitting rather loosely and that there is suddenly more space on the chair when I sit. Son is looking like he has lost in the shoulders and Bob's tummy is looking a little flatter. I am curious to see what the numbers show.


Jeremy Logsdon said...

That's awesome! It's always great when you can physically see weight loss. :)

spunkysuzi said...

A good long walk always settles my mind! I've made some pretty good decisions in the woods all by myself :) Good luck on the weigh in!