Tuesday, March 9, 2010

She bangs

Sorry to say, no food pictures today. I completely forgot to snap photos with meals ! I think this means that taking pictures of food has become such a habit with me that it has now entered the "senior moment zone"- a special place where you enter a room and forgot what you came in there for in the first place, run through the list of every child you have given birth to or are related before you remember which one you need to reprimand at the moment and so on. It's a special place.

Being older seems to lower your tolerance for various things- as evidenced by my downstairs neighbors. I do not know their names, but I do know they are an older couple of east Indian descent ( she wears a sari and he dresses much as any westerner). I know this because one night they thought our apartment was theirs , having gotten off at the wrong floor, and came in bearing groceries. Normally our door is locked but that day we were between trips downstairs to the laundry room and it was unlocked. So in walks the couple, the man was very apologetic, but the woman began yelling at me about leaving my door unlocked and letting my children constantly jump on the floor ( it's one child, weighs over 300 lbs and he has never jumped. The weight on his knees will not allow it). In the past they would occasionally pound on our ceiling when something fell on our floor or if we attempted any kind of lower body work. However, now that the veil of anonymity had been lifted , it's a regular bang fest. Nick walks in his room and they bang on the ceiling. I run the vacuum, they bang. Walk in the living room, they bang ( I think it would work to insert Ricky Martin's "She Bangs" as a sound track here. ) We had the rebounder and they would bang every time we used it. I had and exercise bike and they would bang if I used it in the morning. We got the three stability balls a week ago and had been using them to sit on, which did not bother them. Yesterday Nick was using it to try to do some crunches, kept slipping and reached out to stablize himself on the floor and they started pounding with something that sounded very much like a jackhammer. So I suggested he ry another move, fell off the ball and the jackhammer started again. So I told him simply sit on the ball, and even more jack hammer pounding. Note - this factor is REALLY detrimental to working out. Our complex has evicted people whom have had too many complaints about noise. We are in the process of looking for a new place, but the process has hit a serious snag that will keep us here until at least the winter. Stimulating, isn't it ? For the record, the management has sent numerous fliers stating you cannot walk in the complex halls nor let children play in them or in the stairwells. Add this to the cold and damp with no gym membership because of money and lack of transportation, it gets very challenging !

My own walking challenge( which I am trying to get Nick to also join in as it does not bring about the banging) went very well! I am challenging myself to make 100 trips through the hall, and yesterday I made 170. That is an additional 3400 steps to my day ! We also did a half hour of Wii sports boxing - no stomping because you sit in a chair and it is upper body movements only. It's not perfect, but it is movement. Today is my planning day , so it will serve as the acid test to see how well I can keep up with this challenge !


JC said...

I just cannot imagine living where people bang on the ceiling. What a hoot!!!

karen (and john) said...

I know! Next time they start banging you start doing a bang of your own in rhythm with theirs. Record it. Sell it. Make a million gazillion dollars. And give them none :)