Friday, March 12, 2010

Squeaks and squeaks and soulutions

I did not get a chance to update yesterday because things wound up really off rhythm ! Bob was able to work from home yesterday , there was the building inspection, and then we decided to get a jump on errands.

With the building inspection, turns out that we have very squeaky floors. As any building ages is starts to sag and some spots become squeakier than others. What this means is all we have to do is walk across the floor and it gets very noisy on our downstairs neighbors ( we can hear the floors squeak loudly in here as well). So it seems that the management is going to install new carpet and padding or something. Ummmmm...I may not be a structural engineer, but that fix does not seem to make any sense. It also was said as a very larval whenever sort of thing, so I have no idea what the heck will happen, or when. All I know is now any time anyone in the apartment walks across he floor for any reason, I cringe. I keep telling myself to just let it go, we are doing nothing wrong and I may wind up with brand new carpet. I am also reminding myself that we are moving, and focusing my energy on seeing if I can make this happen sooner instead of later.

Afterwords we decided to get a jump on errands for the week and then came home, got our son distracted and then engaged in one of the better stress reliving activities know to mankind. Beats cleaning, chocolate and it can work up quite a sweat it you do it right !

With this in mind I am rethinking how we are going to get in movement, not break the complex rules, not annoy our neighbors and work with my knee. It's going to involve the Wii Sports resort and making a tour of the inside of our building ( walk this floor, take the stairs to the next floor, stairs to the next after walking and so on), walk outside when the weather cooperates and try to see if I can come up with other forms of inspiration. Instead of focusing on the long goal, just focus on what I can do this day, at this moment, be glad for it and enjoy the process, and not worry about what is not being done. There are people who have done a lot more with a lot less than I have in my hands !

Picture have gotten pushed aside it seems, but I did snap one of Wednesdays dinner
Swiss chard and vegetable medley ( red and green chard, yellow squash, peppers) over barley with salsa chicken thighs. Viva the colors !!!

Tomorrow is weigh in- I am curious to see if this way of eating has helped hubby with weight loss. With my own body- I don't know. I think my hormones are still a very big factor in my weight, and what the scale does is ruled a lot more by where I am in my cycle than much of anything else. I feel good and this is a healthy way to live, so who cares what the scale says ??? ( If I repeat that often enough, perhaps I will believe it !) Meanwhile, I learned that one of my nieces is in labor, and a new grand nephew is about to enter the world. Looking forward to meet little Jordan soon !


Jeremy Logsdon said...

Glad to hear the inspection went okay, at least. Kinda stinks there isn't an easy solution, but at least no ugliness came out of it.

Dinner looked really good. I may have to try salsa on my chicken sometime.

Enz said...

Good to hear from you, I was worried!

People who live in apartment buildings need to understand that they will hear people above them walking, flushing toilets, taking showers etc. and get over it. If they don't like it, they shouldn't live in an apartment building!

I hope it all works out for you sooner rather than later.


PhluffyPrincess said...

Honestly, I wouldn't worry about your floors. I can literally hear everything my upstairs neighbor does, every step they take and it is annoying at best, but not their fault! Like you said you aren't doing anything wrong! Your dinner looks awesome, I love using salsa in my recipes!!!

spunkysuzi said...

Glad the inspection went well! That was one awesome looking dinner :) I may have to stop by when i'm in the neighborhood!