Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Domestic Violence - or is it violins ?

My home is trying to kill me !

I have come to this conclusion after events of this week. There is a joke that says that housework , if done correctly can kill you. I think my home environment got wind of this and is testing out the theory.

The morning started out with a huge sigh of relief that this was not going to be yet another day of cooking , clean up and other household tasks. It was going to be MY day - well okay, my day to focus on schooling and exercise. We are working with a really interesting unit study for the science portion of our school and we would be able to follow all the "rabbit trails" we came across without having to worry about time needed for other subjects plus he flow of the day. Nice feeling in that.

breakfast was fruity oats with pumpkin seeds. It is amazing how much sweet is given to oats when you cook fresh fruit in the water for a few minutes. A pear, an apple and a spoon ful of raisins make the oats extra yummy ! Pumpkin seeds are a good source of zinc- something that helps ward off colds, protects men from prostate cancer and other good things.

So we began school and had such a fun, rewarding day that we had a late lunch that we had to force ourselves to stop for. No reflection on the lunch but wetland ecology was just so much more interesting !
The 15 bean soup, veggies and hummus was worth the break though!

The plan for the afternoon was to head to the woods for a nice long walk once Bob got home. It was a beautiful day and I was itching to get out there. We finished school, got cleaned up and then Bob came home and we grabbed our shoes to get out the door. It was then i learned that I was not going to go anywhere because my house is trying to kill me. Monday while doing one of many clean up jobs I caught my big toe on either the bottom of the closet door or pedal on the garbage can and I cut all the skin off the top of it. I remember whacking my foot, saying ouch but needing to move on to complete things. I did not notice how bad I injured muyself till I sat down to do the Wii with Nick and he pointed out my bloody toe. So I cleaned it up, put a bandage on it and went about my barefoot way. This was the first time I put a shoe on since the scrape, and putting a show on the foot made me VERY aware of the cut and it's severity . So I took my shoes off and went to go try to find other footware, only to discover I have none. My son's flip flops are too big, my husband does not own any and it is too cold and the parking lot is too filled with broken glass and oil spills to go barefoot. So I was grounded, and really disappointed ! We stayed home and played with the Wii, while I decided that the house is definitely trying to kill me.

Dinner was one of the better crockpot recipies I have- Italian sausage soup with greens. Take a pound of italian sausage and cut it into coins. Toss in the crock pot and slice 3 cloves of garlic and add. Pour in 4 cups chicken stock and a can of tomato paste and cook on low for 4-8 hrs. Half hour before serving turn the crockpot up to high and add 1/2 cup small shell pasta ( I was out so I added 8 oz of whole wheat rotini so that the remaining 2 ounces in the bag would stop falling out everytime I opened the cabinet door and create either dishwater noodle soup or Crunchy floor) and 6 cups chopped greens - I used rainbow chard and arugula this time. I paired this with a sandwich of hummus spread on a Deli flat and a string cheese sliced into coins and cooked at 350 for 10 minutes. Top with fresh spinach- fast and yummy !

After dinner we watched The Biggest Loser ( I am getting so bored with that show !) and the next episode of 19 Kids and Counting. I felt off because I had not really gotten any serious exercise in for the day , and my body was missing the endorphins ! I am going to baby my toe till the weekend, and in the mean time go back to the hallway workout here. At least I can walk the always in my stocking feet and my toe will develop a happy, protective scab so i can once again wear shoes !


JC said...

Hope your foot heals soon.

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

Poor you and your foot! I broke my toe last summer when I hit it on the edge of the kitchen cabinet! I ended up swimming and biking for 6 weeks when I couldn't walk.

Hope you are all better quickly!

spunkysuzi said...

Ouch!! That must be very sore