Monday, March 1, 2010

Non edible food

For reasons I cannot remember, I forgot to grab my camera for most of my meals yesterday ! The day began with overnight steel cut oats with pumpkin, dates and cinnamon, topped with fresh blackberries- very yummy !

And then the day went weird ! Bob had to sing at the 10 am service and on his way home he stopped at his parents home to pick up a few things they wanted to pass onto us. My mother in law was an avid craftier when she was well , but when her Parkinson's became serious she could no longer craft. I am the only one in the family who does handicrafts, so I inherit her supplies. It was a little upsetting to my husband to see the state that the house is now in ( sorry, but when the mom is sick, chaos enters), and I was talking to him so much that I forgot to grab my phone on the way out. We went to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch, had huge salads, and just were not hungry for dinner. So instead I will show you something I make every year at this time-psankys ! These are eggs that are created with wax and dye ( plain ole food coloring dye in my case). You use a tiny funnel filled with melted beeswax to coat the areas you wish to remain white, then dye in yellow and do the same and so on till your egg is finished. Then you carefully hold the egg to a candle flame to melt the wax and remove the melted wax with a cloth. So far this year I have made 4 of them

More edible food tomorrow !


Enz said...

They are beautiful!

Jeremy Logsdon said...

Those are beautiful! You have quite a talent!

Dutch said...

They are amazing. You are very talented.

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

Those are really, really pretty. Do you blow out the eggs so you can save them, or just use raw eggs? Or boiled?