Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy get the drill !

Sorry for the late post, but I have been having fun with a non weight loss related project today !
Yesterday I went to the shrine of creativity(aka Hobby Lobby) to buy the fabric for the lap quilt I am making. Got it home, cut out the pieces, began to work the appliques , only to discover that MY SEWING MACHINE IS DEAD ! ( que the sound of taps in the distance...) It lived a long and productive life for 25 years. In that time it had made 55 jumpers, 13 full sized quilts, 20 wall quilts, about 500 soft toys, 2 bridal gowns, hundreds of pairs of toddler pants, 4 kilts, 2 coats, a zillion Christmas ornaments, place mats, napkins, washable moon rags and lots more. It actually died about 2 years ago , but I forgot about it ( When weight loss began, crafting ended it seems). The machine will be replaced, but in the mean time I have to have this quilt ready by the 17th of January. No machine + a time deadline means Diane Hand Sews.

At first I cringed and panicked. Then I sat down to begin to stitch, and I remembered that I actually LOVE hand sewing. So for much of las night and today I have been sewing, taking some breaks to exercise and cook ( tortilla pizzas last night, eggs and turkey bacon this morning and ham with broccoli and sweet potatoes tonight), and sewing some more. And I am LOVING what is being created. Yes, pictures will follow once I get this done.

Tomorrow morning is weigh in. I am curious to see what a week of 20 minutes of Pilates and 30 minutes of rowing 6 x this week will result in.


Kristina said...

I cant sew with a machine to save my life lol. The bobbin and I just dont get on very well. It usually ends up across the room. Hand sewing, I can do...thank goodness! Was wondering about the pizza you made last night, its sounds really good. Care to maybe send me the recipe/post it on my blog??? Have a great weekend!

s'me said...

HUrrah for hand sewing! I love my machine, because working means time is limited and I just need to get it done, but I've been handsewing some quilting on some small mats, and really enjoying it.