Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve

So we come to the close of 2009, and I have to say it has been an interesting one. Time to make "resolutions"- only in my case I never make resolutions. Life has taught me that there are too many wild cards and variables to make iron clad pronouncements about things that can get altered by things you do not foresee. Such as weight loss and my family. We have spent a year , once again, in a healthy lifestyle, but it seems no matter what we try , progress is illusive. Here are the numbers

1/3/09 - 225.6 12/31/09- 237.8 ( Up 12. 2 pounds in a year)

1/3/09- 248.8 12/31/09 262.4 (Up 13.6 pounds in a year)

1/3/09 - 355.0 12/31/09 355.2 ( Up 0.2 in a year)

Yeah, I am thrilled. Am I beating myself up about it ? Nope. Lots of other things have been gained in the process, and I really like our life. The weight will come off. Low carb does not do it, low calories do not do it, Weight Watchers does not do it, exercise does not do it.Vegetarianism brought a serious weight gain and serious health problems. There is some element that we are missing, something that MUST be affordable, sustainable or it is doomed to failure. Not sure what it is, but I will find it.

Instead of resolutions, I set goals. Things that I think would benefit me. Here they are

Goals for 2010

1. Forget that I am 51. I seem to keep reminding myself of this fact often, and
I don't think there is any purpose in it. What is age after all ? It is simply a
marker of how many trips you have taken around the sun on this big rock we call
a planet. Age does not make you smarter, richer, more clever, more frail or anything
else unless your intention determines it to be so.

2. Buy a hoola hoop and use it. As a kid I could never do them, but I seemed to figure
out how to do them with the help of the Wii Fit. Something about electronics helped my
brain to see what I am doing wrong. I figure that a hoola hoop is a cheap peice of fitness
equipment that I can do at any hour of the day in here and not disturb the neighbors.
It will also greatly amuse my son to watch me do this, and in turn he will want to
steal it and take turns. Hula Hoops are darned good cardio exercise !

3. Get more involved with my Reiki practice. This one is kind of hard to define. I do
a lot of volunteer distance work , but I think I can and should do more. I have always
operated on the pay it forward principle- doing treatments for free and somehow my own
needs have always been met at the right time. I want to expand on this , just to see
what happens.

4. Move. We have simply outgrown this place, and while I hate the thought of packing everything up
and starting over, we really need more space.The goal is to move closer to my inlaws for reasons
of their health.I would love to get into a house, but .....

Tonight we will ring in the new year at home with pizza made on high fiber wraps with hummus, cheese, sausage and veggies. We will probably play a lot of Wii games and other board games, and I will say words of thanksgiving for another trip around the sun and welcome yet another chance to try and get this thing right.


Marisa (Loser for Life) said...

Yep, I think age is a state of mind! I got caught up in turning 40 until I realized 40 is the new 20 ;) And 50 is the new 30! See? We're youngsters:)

That Wii Fit hula hoop is a serious torcher! Like your idea of a real one - fun!

Happy New Year, Diane!

Kristina said...

Your headed in the right direction, just because of your attitude. Have a great time tonight and Happy New Year!

Tony the Pink Panda said...

Fad/extreme diets for the most part don't work. Slow and steady is the way to go. Good luck with your goals for 2010 and happy new year!

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

I'm 44 and try not to remember that very often!! Age is relative right??

I hope you had a great New Year's Eve celebration. Regardless of what the scale shows I know from reading your blog that you won't give up tweaking your family's diet until you all get where you want to be.

I hope you will be able to meet all your 2010 goals!