Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pizza and predicament

I got very brave yesterday . I made an actual pizza for dinner. Making pizza from scratch ( or any other kind of bread ) is nothing new for this household. I can make them and make them very well. That is the problem- homemade bread products inspire something like a feeding frenzy amongst sharks between the guys. They have been known to devour two extra large pizzas in minutes, without batting an eye.I get slowed down by cutting the pie into slices and trying to keep everyone's plates full. Pizza, in short, is a danger food. However, pizza made at home is affordable, satisfying, can be very nutritious and is a good way to get in some fiber and good fats if made correctly. There should never be a "no " food, if it is a real food - only foods that are made in healthier ways. Here is how I made my crust

Whole wheat pizza crust ( makes a crust for a 9x13 cookie sheet)

1 c baby bottle warm water
1 pkg yeast
1 t splenda( I do not use any other sweeter)
2 t olive oil
2 c whole wheat flour
1/2 t salt
2 T vital gluten

In a mixing bowl place the water, splenda and yeast to dissolve. Wait 5 minutes to make sure the yeast froths ( if it does not it means your yeast is dead- discard and start with fresh yeast). Add oil , salt and enough flour to form a non sticky, elastic dough that feels similar to human skin( no oher way I can describe it, and illustrates how they say bread is life). Knead for 10 minutes ( pressing down , pushing the dough away and then rolling it toward you) on a lightly oiled surface ( better than floured surface, which will make your dough dry). Place in an oiled bowl , cover and set in a warm place till double in bulk. Punch down and roll into pizza shape. Top as desired and bake at 375 for 25 minutes.

I topped ours with turkey sausage, mushrooms and mozzerella. These are very simple goto items in our house. Served with a tossed salad, this makes for an easy, economical meal.

On the exercise front, I am challenging myself to get back to that level of walking 45 minutes in he same fashion as I began the last time. Back then when I began walking it was the dead of winter ( I began my weight loss journey on Feb 7, 1989), but got creative. We lived in the second floor of an old Victorian home that had been converted several times. The result was this cool circular pattern that connected the two bedrooms, living room and dining room, so I used it as my indoor track. I began simply walking that loop for 5 minutes, in 3 days increased it to 7, and every 3 days added 2 minutes more till I was walking for 45 minutes. Then the weather got a lot nicer and we walked outside through the neighborhood. Things are different now- different house, different life commitments and different opportunities. I walked 5 minutes in our apartment ( till the people downstairs started banging on the floor because of the creaking ceiling), So I am challenged how to accomplish this. The management frowns on walking the halls, my neighbors complain because of the noise, no money for a treadmill or gym( and could not get to one for lack of transportation most of the day) and there is still a foot of snow and ice on the ground outside here.This one is presenting a bit of a challenge to say the least. Meanwhile I still get in my 30 minutes of rowing, 20 minutes of Pilates and 5 minutes attempting the hoola hoop. Still can't get the hang of that one !


diane Fit to the Finish said...

What about one of those small trampoline things? I, for the life of me, can't remember the real name for them. But I had a friend who used hers in place of walking because of her bad knees and she looked amazing.

That pizza sounds wonderful. As you probaby know, I make pizza every Friday night and you are right about the mom being busy cutting & serving!

tanya said...

I bought a gazelle on craigslist for $20. It is very quiet and very easy on joints.

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

Rebounders - had one and GREAT BIG NO NO - if you are on an upper level, the floor still shakes, creaks and it gets very annoying to downstairs neighbors. We had one for about a year, trying at all different times of the day to use it but the results were the same- neighbors complained. Then there was the factor of what it did to my bladder ( two bounces, MAD DASH to the potty, back on, two bounces, MAD DASH TO THE POTTY ). As to Craigslist, resale stores and so forth I am keeping my eyes peeled for one. Then comes the task of convincing my husband it will NOT be that difficult to move it here now, find space and then move it again when we move in the spring....

Marisa (Loser for Life) said...

Mmmm...I'm loving your pizza! I find making your own pizza is very satisfying!

I'm with ya on the hula hooping! It's hard to master! I can barely get it going on the Wii Fit let alone a real one!

tanya said...

I hope you're able to find a gazelle at a very reasonable price. FYI: I was able to move it by myself.