Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fiber and fat

It has been a week of pre moving preparations so far. On Sunday we found what we belive will be our future home, so packing is becoming a reality and that means determining what is worth moving and what we have outgrown. It is amazing what kind of stuff can accumulate in a home in a short time that gets forgotten . It's best to part with it before packing, so it makes for a good round of deep cleaning, which means a lot of lifting and stretching and bending-oh my ! Add this to my daily 30 minutes of rowing , hula hoop attempts and pilates and it makes me feel like I may actually survive moving boxes and furniture when the actual move happens.

Diet wise I am following my instincts, or rather something that has been going through my head. It's a totally radical thought , but what if the proper course for MY body is one of focusing on fiber and healthy fats ? By healthy fat I mean ones that nature has created and not a complicated laboratory process - olive oil, coconut oil, flax oil, the fats in eggs , avacados , nuts and even meat. Include in that mix butter instead of margarine. The cholesterol people , who by the way really do not understand what cholesterol actually does in the body, will gasp in horror. Butter ??? Coconut oil ??? You bet. Did you know that a low cholesterol reading can be a sign of cancer ? Did you know that cholesterol is necessary to help various nutrients move within our bodies ? In short, did you know cholesterol actually has good and useful functions in our bodies ? And fiber- people know it is good for some reason, but do you know why ? It keeps your digestive tract regular for one thing, but what does that mean exactly ? Would you be surprised to learn that about 70 percent of the functions of your immune system happen in your digestive tract ? Would you be surprised to learn that a high fiber diet can help to prevent breast and ovarian cancers ? ( it happens by providing a proper environment for excessive estrogen to be pulled from the body and flushed away). Did you know that it can also help with arthritic conditions by aiding in the removal of inflamitory substances in the body ? It's true. This and so much more. Did you also know that a low fat diet will make you dangerously deficient in omega fatty acids, which are necessary for proper nerve function, anti inflamitory functions and even the health of your veins and arteries ? Would it surprise you to learn that low fat diets are one of the biggest factors behind Vitamin D deficiency , which can lead to osteoporosis, skin cancers, colds and a lot more ? It's all true. So to me , the answer seems to lie in a diet rich in fiber, healthy fats and simple ingredients.

Following that idea, here is what a typical day eating is looking like

Breakfast- 2 high fiber muffins( oat bran , blueberry whole wheat or bran), 2 hardboiled eggs or 1/2 cup of cottage cheese or yogert, coffee

Lunch - High fiber wrap with hummus, cheese and olives( a pizza ) , raw veggies

Dinner- meat of some form, side veggie, whole wheat pasta or barley or brown rice and salad( right now baby spinach with walnuts and a lite poppy seed dressing is the salad of choice)

Snacks- apple , nonfat yogert or black bean brownies

We will see what it does for weight loss. Meanwhile I am noticing a lot less joint pain and finding that my digestive system seems to be applauding this way of eating. We shall see.


spunkysuzi said...

I take omega 3 supplements everyday and they do help with my joints!

Marisa (Loser for Life) said...

I think you might be on to something with the fiber and fat! If your body likes it, keep doing it! I think the loss will come along with that way of eating,too. In addition, it's much more filling and satisfying!

Ugh...good luck with moving. I'm helping my parents right now and it's a J-O-B!

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

I have really been thinking a lot about fiber lately. I do focus on the healthy fats, but fiber is something I have a hard time with. Recently though I've started to pay very close attention to the fiber content in foods. It's still amazing to me that some breads have zero fiber. Isn't that terrible?