Thursday, January 14, 2010

Very funny Strega Nona !

It started off with good intentions. I was going to make soup for dinner- take beef bones, onions, carrot , celery and water , toss in a couple bay leaves , apply heat and you get stock. Strain, add new veggies and you get soup. I had beef bones with meat on them ( forget the name of the cut at the moment), celery, a bag of baby carrots that needed to get used, a head of cabbage that had been forgotten and 4 tomatoes that needed using. Half a half cup of barley and somehow it became this:
a six quart crock pot of beef vegetable barley soup that would be for dinner, another dinner, a few lunches and.... thankfully soup made without potatoes or pasta freezes very well. A bowl of this and a corn muffin made with whole wheat flour and stone ground corn meal made for a very tasty, satisfying, economical and fiber loaded meal. However it is proof that I cannot make soup. I turn from a normal cook to Strega Nona's apprentice, who could feed a small neighborhood when she finishes !

Thanks for the comments about my exercise dilemma. It's not something that is impossible, but instead something that requires a little creative thinking. I got in my 30 minutes of rowing ( 3.8 miles, not sure of the calorie burn) , 20 minutes of Pilates, more attempts with the hula hoop and 5 minutes of walking...without any banging from downstairs. I am thinking that if I can perhaps time this to happen when they are out , I can do this until it thaws out enough to let us walk outside. Weather is a big variable , and today we are supposed to get all the way up to the upper 30's, but have a rainy day. Mess out there today, but it's a sure sign that spring will get here soon enough.

Now off to find home in my freezer for that soup....


Diane Fit to the Finish said...

That soup looks amazing! You can make soup - you just need a bigger pot! Kinda like that porridge pot in the children's story that just keeps making porridge!

I love soups that freeze well. It makes it so easy to heat it up when things get hectic.

Kristina said...

Omgosh that soup looks yummy! I have found myself putting my socks and shoes on and just walking back and forth and around the length of my house. Im stuck inside as well because of weather and no car. I have found that putting my shoes on first thing in the am keeps me moving throughout the day!

Enz said...

Soup looks so good.