Monday, January 4, 2010

Salad and hoops and cold...Oh My !!!

Woke up yesterday to absolutely bone chilling cold in the apartment. We have heat and it is working, but when the tempurature drops down to below zero and the wind hits from the north, this normally toasty apartment becomes a refrigerator. I was so cold my bones hurt ! So we worked as a team to take emergency steps to heat up the house ( hang blankets on the wall, fill crockpots with water and run them on high and take hot showers) , and soon it became bearable and I could move. It worked hard all day and acchived the grand tempirature of 3 degrees by later in the day. Today proves to be a heat wave- it is a whopping 8 degrees at 7 am so far !

So what is the logical thing to do on such a cold day ? Why go out shopping and for a salad lunch of course ! Desire would have had me stay home and quilt in the warm, but there were things that were needed, and Nick was really stir crazy, so it's out in the cold we go. Strangely enough, I was really craving a good salad, so we went to Sweet Tomatoes. They always have great offerings!

romaine, broccoli, butternut squash, cherry tomatoes, raw beets, sunflower seeds, red onions, red cabbage, peas , mushrooms wih a fat free french dressing

classic spinach salad, citrus arugula whole wheat pasta salad, Asian noodle salad with whole wheat pasta and Chicken Wonton Salad. All very yummy !

Then we headed off to WalMart to buy the things we were questing after. And amongst the goodies was my hula hoop and a new sewing machine. I bought a Singer Pixie because a. it looks like it will do everything I require out of a machine and b. it is very affordable. I have sewn many items for over 25 years and NEVER had I needed, wanted or used 99 percent of the fancy stitch capability of most modern sewing machines. Straight stitch, zig zag stitch, button hole stitch and automatic bobbin feed is all you really ever need to do anything under the sun. The more stitches it is capable of, the more prone to break down and wiggy stitching it is. Don't need it !

Once back home I warmed up by working more on my quilt, which is getting close to being done, and then played with my hula hoop. As a kid I never could do them , but with the Wii Fit I was able to do it and figure out the movement, so hopefully I could do it now. Well, guess again ! I tried and tried and tried, but I cannot get the silly thing to work around my hips ! I can get the motion with my neck...almost... but not the hips ! I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but I will keep trying. As Bob pointed out , even if I cannot get the thing to work I will be getting a lot of exercise from the constand bending down to pick the darned thing up !

It is back to school for us today, and my goal is to do school, get the housework done, get in exercise and get more done on the quilt . All that movement will help me to keep warm !


Kristina said...

Can you do me a BIG favor? I changed the look/name of my blog yesterday and did a post, but no comments (which could be just that nobody left any lol), but Im worried that those who are following me arent seeing me in their blog list on their dashboard for new posts. Can you let me know if you see it on yours and if your able to leave a comment. Just want to make sure I didnt make any mistakes! thanks!!!

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

You are on as your old title, and not sure why the name change has not come through .I love your new look, but something is wrong with the comment function. You click on it and it will not let you comment. Not sure if it is a Blogger problem or what- you might want to try posting another entry to see if it kicks things into gear

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

I can't do the hula hoop. I have tried several times both before I lost weight and after and just can't get the rhythm going. My second daughter did it the first time she tried!

Glad you got a new machine!

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