Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fun at the Goodwill

I love it when life gets in a turmoil. Well, not turmoil , but at least interesting.

Due to an influence of some very strange dreams, TV commercials and the knowledge that I am not getting any younger , I began to seriously question the whole moving process right at this moment, and decided it would be best to postpone for a little while longer and shoot for a house. Home ownership is something we have never done, one of the most greatly contested factors of our relationship, but .... ! However , things still need to get seriously paired down here, so it was off to Goodwill with a load of boxes that will find new homes with some lucky person. And of course if you drop off, it's always fun to go inside and look around .

Once in there I found an air pop popcorn maker - something I have been looking for . When I did my last weight loss attempt I would have a big bowl of air popped popcorn every night for a snack.It helped to keep me VERY regular, which was one big factor in the weight loss and improvement of overall health. We literally wore the unit out and the the stores in our area stopped carrying them. I need to pick up some popcorn this weekend and then fire this baby up !
I am not certain why popcorn was so helpful to me them. It's perhaps the fiber content, but the fiber content of popcorn is perhaps one of the most controversial things in the food world ! Some sources list it as 1 gram per cup( slightly better than lettuce) , but others will say it is a lot greater.

Fiber content can be really surprising in foods. Did you know that in some, such as broccoli and apricots, to cooking process actually increases the fiber ? It's true. It has something to do with the chemical reaction ( caused by heat) that makes the fiber more "bio-available". I think the same may be true with popcorn. All I know is that if I eat it air popped, it is my friend. Black beans to a certain extent, but n0ot quite the same as good ole popcorn.

I also ventured back to the section where they sell the larger items and I found two pieces of inteeresting fitness equipment. One was an old Nordic track fitness walker , which looked like it was in need of some work on the pulley wheels. I have to admit , you do not often see Nordic Track equipment in the thrift stores. I think it might be a testament to how well it works, or how much the owners love them. I passed on it because it looked a little intimidating. Second was a thigh something that reminded me of something I find in my gynocologists office,but with the stirrups sideways. I stared at it and could not figure out what exactly when where and why, so I passed. To be honest, I cannot fathom how one operates one of those "squirreliptical" things either. From what I see it looks like you get on and sort of walk , but how in the heck do you stop them, and what if your stride length is different from the 10 billion other souls on the planet ? In either case, I decided to pass on these two items. I am sticking with my Wii for now. That operates at a level I can understand because it offers me helpful instructions whenever I mess up .


Kristina said...

UGH! I hate popcorn! I know, its a terrible thing to say, but ewww. lol
We went to a thrift store the other day and they had a Nordic looked brand new and it was only $40, but it looks intimidating to me. I want a Wii SO BAD! I keep calling our Kmart every day to see if they got one in on the truck, but no luck in the last 3 weeks. I cant afford to just purchase one, so Ill have to put it in Ill just keep calling! Have a great day!

spunkysuzi said...

I love going to the goodwill!! In fact i've had so many compliments on a winter hat i have and only paid .25 cents for :)
I could eat popcorn every night!!

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

I love goodwill here! It's so great to find deals and bargains.

I do enjoy popcorn but don't make it very often.