Monday, January 11, 2010

Funny fitness

What is that suspiciously bright thing peeking through my window ...could it be the sun ????? By golly, I believe it is ! We have had so many cold, dreary, snowy days here this winter that I was begining to think Mr Sun went on a long vacation ! Still cold ( 16 degrees here as I write) , more snow predicted, but for the moment, some happy rays peeking through the window.

Yesterday afternoon I went to WalMart to pick up some supplies, and was amused at all the "January products" on the shelves. Lot of storage totes, fitness equipment and weight loss products. One in particular, the Perfect Pushup , had me giggling

From what I gather from the box ,it allows you to do a push up and twist your wrists while you push up. First question is how can this be good for your wrists ? If twisting your wrists is the secret to preforming a perfect push up, wouldn't waving like the Queen do the same thing ? Then I looked at it closely and thought that when you get tired of using it for fitness, it would make a darned nifty hamburger patty maker, so it may have some value after all. Sadly I could not find a Shake fit- that one keeps making me wonder just what you are training for, and what inspired the inventor to create it

Yes, fitness can be funny !

I gathered my desired objects, came home and began to work on a new quilt and enjoyed spending time with my husband. He is incredibly supportive, loving, intelligent, handsome and the only person on earth who understands my lines of thinking and can follow them into the dark and muddy places they can lead to. Not only find me in the muck , but know exactly how to pull me out, help me dust myself off and get me back on the horse again. He is not only my soul mate, but the second half of my soul itself. This coming Sunday we will have lived together for 30 years ( yes we were evil children- we lived together before we got married) , and we have been through a lot together, good and bad. We are of different spiritual paths, but we talk very openly about those things that are different and find the similarity between them. For two people whom are deeply spiritual but of separate traditions, this has served us very well through the years. Things felt better by evening.

I tried something new yesterday evening for after dinner. Duncan Hines has a whole grain triple chocolate chunk brownie mix, and I wanted to see how these would fair as black bean brownies. In case you have not heard of these, you take a prepacked mix of brownies( or the equivilant of your own homemade mix), add a can of pureed black beans and nothing else, then bake according to package directions. You don't taste the beans, they taste chocolatey and have a high level of fiber and no fat. My thinking was with the whole grain this might make something close to colon blow, but worth the risk. They were pretty good, and pretty filling- just chocolate and moist enough to satisfy, but not so sweet that you want more and more. Not something for every day, but makes a nice snack treat now and then.

It has also been decided that muffins with a form of protein would be good for breakfasts this week, so it is drag out the oat bran recipes again. Between the brownies and the muffins, I am remembering how much I really miss baking these days. I loved making breads of all kinds ! Quilting and baking and soap making...oh my !


Kristina said...

I still get a kick out of the Thigh Master! lol
the brownies sound yummy, though the thought of them having black beans in them is a bit of a turn off lol...But I may have to give them a try just for the chocolate value!

You and your hubby sound very happy/content with one another. I have been with Brian 26 years this year (Im 42). And I love him so much!
Have fun with your of my goals this year is to learn to be a better cook (Ive already asked for all the "kitchen" things for Christmas this year lol).
Happy Monday!

Brooke said...

i couldn't help but crack up at the shake fit one! :)

Stephanie said...

It's been absolutely freezing here in Colorado too, but we had a respite yesterday. It was in the forties. You better believe I was out there in the sunshine as soon as I woke up.
I've had black bean brownies before and they are a great way to get in some nutrition. Try sweetening them w/ a natural sweetener too!
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