Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sure. Make me nervous !

One word can sum up yesterday - busy !

Between back to school and my reiki work it felt like someone placed the day in a blender and turned it on high ! Seems that back to routines do that to us all. However, I managed to get in 45 minutes of exercise (rowing, Pilates and walking) , and stayed true to my food plan during it all. Breakfast was a yogert bluberry smoothie( plain nonfat yogert, frozen blueberries and a scoop of whey powder). A blue monster, made at my son's request. Lunch was a flat bread pizza with cut veggies ( I remebered to snap a picture this time)

Dinner was turkey basil meat loaf , roast root veggies and a salad of baby greens. It seems the muscle gain affect is still going on and it is making me more than a little nervous. I have been stepping on the scale every morning in an attempt to manage things, and so far I am UP 3.4 pounds from Saturday, which was up 1.2 from last week. Am I really THAT much of a wimp ??? When is it going to hit the point of turn around ???

Which makes me think about one of the reasons I really dislike The Biggest Loser and other weight loss shows. What if ou have a condition that, in spite of your very best efforts, will not allow you to lose weight ? They do indeed exist ( kidney malfunctions, Insulin resistance, different cortizol medications and so forth). And what if you are not "miserable because I am fat" ??? What if you are perfectly content with who you are and what you are, but have determined your physical self would preform at a more optimum capacity if you weighed a little less ( because your insurance company is threatening to raise your rates or your Doctor determines everything that you experience from the shattered knee in the car accident to H1N1 is a direct result of your weight)??? What service does it do ANYONE to have a program that screams "Happiness only comes through weight loss that is archived through a lifestyle that compromises everything else in your life ". Why ? Because we all still want something to blame . Very few of us have come to realize that no matter where you go or what you do, you bring you with you. External things are meaningless unless there is a solid internal make up. If you disbelieve in yourself at 200 pounds, you will still disbelieve in yourself at 120 if you do not work on the root cause. Now if Biggest Loser would spend a lot more time on that process and a lot less time on showcasing Jillian being verbally abusive and how the players figure the best way to point fingers at fellow cast members, I think it could do some real and lasting good !

In the meantime, I will continue to do what I am doing and watch the scale in amusement and fear.


Kristina said...

I agree with you about the whole Jillian thing. Puts me off of even thinking about trying to get on the show.

Okay, think I fixed it....do you care to please try again? Thank you for your help!

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

I went to try to post a comment and it is still not working. You get the link to post a comment, click on it and then you get another screen with the link to post a comment, which takes you to another screen with a link that says post a comment, click on it and you get another screen with the link- no where does the box come up to let you actually type. Not sure why this is happening, but something seems to be not falling into place .I hope it is not a major fix kind of thing for you !