Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So what do you eat when you don't eat grains ?

My eating has changed quite a bit since shunning the grains and fruits , Some fruit will come back starting next week and some occasional whole grains, but for now they are gone. So what do you eat when you shun those amber waves ?

Breakfast- mushroom cheese eggs with turkey bacon

Lunch- baked chicken leg and sauteed cabbage

Snack- hardboiled egg and cheese stick

Dinner- Ranch chicken, Parmesan garlic yellow squash rounds, sweet potato fries, red pepper strips and sliced cucumber

Dessert- chocolate mousse ( cream cheese, whipping cream, splenda and cocoa powder). It is VERY satisfying, tasty and I really do not miss grains in the least. I feel more energetic, have no joint pain, am sleeping much better and my skin and hair are looking better. The scale is slowly moving down ( at my age rapid weight loss is not something that happens) , and cooking is a lot easier.

I think I will stick with this .Only change I need to make is to swap my current brand of Diet Soda for Diet RC, which is made with Splenda instead of Nutra Sweet


Diane Fit to the Finish said...

Well you definitely have found things to eat other than grains! Good for you. That all looks really good and I'm glad that it is working so well for you!

Stephanie said...

May I suggest using Stevia instead of Splenda? Splenda's been linked to a lot of nasty conditions. It's synthetic, so our body doesn't know how to digest it. Stevia is derived from a South American plant. It's very powerful, so just a few drops go a long way...
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