Friday, November 6, 2009

Bread and me

One of the big challenges to a low carb diet is bread. Theoretically it seems like an easy thing to live without, and today because of so many people living lo carb, there are some amazing ideas out there for bread and "starchy " sides like pasta, rice and tortillas. However, there are some times when you really just want "bread" to make a sandwich.I have tried the alternate breads like rice bread, and frankly I would rather go hungry than eat those dry things. While I was doing some research on low carb options, I can across some new to me ideas for flax meal in bread. What a brilliant idea ! Flax is high in fiber, high in essential fatty acids, high in protien, and something I really love the taste of . So why not give it a try ?

Here is the finished product. It comes out like a great big foccacia, and you can cut it into any shape you desire or any size. I found the recipe here, which has links to many other flax bread ideas. I loved the smell of baking coming from my kitchen once again, and decided it would be fun to try another low carb bread thing, the almond muffin. I also figured this would be a good day to stock the freezer with bread sort of things incase life gets really crazy during the bathroom redo

These are called basic lo carb muffins, and I followed the recipe here, but swapped the butter for olive oil. I was surprised they came out so much lighter than the muffins pictured. Nick and i split one of these to taste test and a smll peice of the foccacia to test. The muffins were good, but had a definite eggy taste to them. The foccacia on the other hand was great ! Will make a good sandwich or sure. I grabbed a piece with my lunch instead of the planned on Arnolds Thin, and I think I can definately live with this.

Finally, while snapping pictures it dawned on me that it has been a while since i had a picture taken of me , so I asked my son to take one. Here I am in my glamerous oversized tee shirt and capri pants ( my mom uniform), and hopefully it will serve as a mental reminder to have some pictures of me on this blog as well. I am the shutterbug of the family- hubby and son think about pictures only once in a great while, and I have not mastered taking pictures of myself.


Crazy Legs said...

Oh gosh, I have such a love / hate relationship with bread - I love it and it hates my hips and butt!

Since I run, I found out the hard way that I can't do hardcore low carb and still run marathons so I compromise. I eat bread as needed during the day (maybe a sandwich for lunch) but none at dinner (because I can never stop at one bun, or slice, never!). Ditto no rice or potatoes at dinner. So I still get enough carbs to fuel long distance running, but I'm no longer ignoring my veggies on the dinner plate. Now I double-veggie with a regular portion of protein.

But I love this recipe you've tried. It looks delish! I'm going to try it out and enjoy it at lunch. As I read your writing, I could just imagine the wonderful smell.

Thanks for sharing! Melanie

JC said...

I love carbs. I love anykind of bread. Glad you hanging in there.

Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

I really love bread, especially foccaccia! I will have to try it out - got some flax the other day!