Sunday, November 8, 2009

I worry about rabbits following me home

Another Saturday, another shop and chop day. It seems every time we go to the grocery store, I get stopped by total strangers and asked what some vegetable is, how some vegetable is used or if some vegetable is any good. It's not a new phenomonon, but something that has happened all of my 29 years of marriage. Maybe it is because I have an honest face , or perhaps it is because my cart always looks like this

I guess this would be considered a badge of someone who knows what in the heck to do with a jicama or how to cook a kolerabi !

After our shopping at the various stores we came home and I did all the pre-prep for the veggies for the week. Note- the above is what we go through each and every week and very little is tossed. I often wonder if one morning I will wake up to find us all rabbits ! Veggies are very good for you, but they can be time consuming for meal prep, so I do a lot of it on the weekend, when things are not so pressed. Makes the week a lot easier, but boy does it make for a tiring Saturday. For that reason I try to make Saturday dinner something easy to prepare. In our days before weight loss , the favorite thing to do was order a pizza. Not only is that not the best move health wise, but not so friendly on the wallet. A pizza can be made at home for a lot less than a carry out. Made a lot healthier as well. However, there comes a time and place where some cannot eat a regular pizza because of the crust. Wheat becomes problematic for those with Autism, Crohns Disease, Celiac Spruce , Insulin Resistance and more. In those cases , pizza becomes something very different. Crust becomes things like mushroom caps, cream cheese and eggs, or in our case, made from ground flax ( recipe found here)

You prebake the crust and then add the toppings of your choice. For ours we went very low carb - sausafge, cheese, olives and sauce

What does it taste like ? Imagine eating a pizza made on a rye crisp. It was definitely different, but not unplesant. My two die hard bread lovers ate it and there were no leftovers, so it seems to be palatable to them . I think I like the portabello pizza a bit more, but I would not refuse this one again. I am thinking next time I would like to try an almond meal crust instead of flaxmeal. Which reminds me - I was starting to think about what I will bring to the family Thanksgiving gathering to pass, and I believe a lo carb cheesecake made with an almond or pecan crust would go over very well !


Diane Fit to the Finish said...

That pizza looks great and since I enjoy a crispy crust I bet I'd like that! I am impressed at all the veggies you use. It does take time, but the pre-prep definitely helps a lot!

karen said...

Looks good! I may just have to give flax another try!

Left an award for you, by the way :)