Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday and back to the grind

What a great weekend ! Other than the incident with the cinnamon coated pecans, no damage was done. We were planning on heading to the cemetery yesterday but I was just wiped out mentally , and I needed to replace my French Press coffee pot. The little one was a victim of a can falling out of the cupboard, and mornings without coffee qualify as national disasters. So it was off to Meijers instead in search of a pot, a new crocopot and whatever other trouble we could get into for the afternoon.

While there my son insisted we visit the electronic game section, and I noticed two noteworthy new games for the Nintendo Wii- The Biggest Loser Workout and DaisyFuentes Pilates. While I would be very curious as to what the Biggest Loser one does, I think I will buy the Pilates one instead in a few weeks. Reason being that Pilates does not involve stomping- which is a big plus in this third floor apartment ! Till then, I will continue to be content with the Wii fit plus.

Plan for today is workouts, homeschool, the weekly houseclean , dispose of the Halloween items and cook down two pie pumpkins. I may then try my hand at some homemade pumpkin butter- we found some a few weeks back at Trader Joes, love it on oatmeal , but ran out and have not bought more. Sounds like a reason to try to make some !

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