Wednesday, November 25, 2009

More waiting, new spaces and progress perhaps

It has been a short but crazy sort of week here ! We are taking a week break from school, so the focus has been on house things and back to my own studies- or at least that was the plan. Monday evening we get a notice from the complex management that they will come around on Tuesday to put plastic weatherproofing on all the air conditioner units between 9-5 pm and you must remove everything from the wall underneath. In our case, this is a HUGE tv that is HD, but before plasma. I think it weighs about 100 lbs, and the size of it scares me for some reason. Hubby and son had a choir rehersal on Monday evening, so when they got home we had to begin moving furnature.And of course it never winds up just one thing being moved- you always wind up moving 6 other things to accommodate the new thing. However, we all worked together , and the job got done. Which is more than I can say for the management. They never showed up, and the reasons for that can be as many and varied as you could imagine. So this makes for waiting for them to come tape the AC units, PLUS still waiting for them to do the bathroom remodel. Did I mention I HATE waiting ?

The good news is that I now have a corner totally emptied in our house, and the aspiration to do some more serious parting with books.And that corner seems to be screaming for a treadmill. I mentioned this to hubby, and he said last night when he saw a commercial for Bowflex, he was kind of thinking the same thing in that corner. Only caveat he had is that whatever we get we must be willing to move in the coming year. So perhaps this annoying turn of events will work out for something very good in the long run.

In the meantime, I seem to have developed a case of "Induction flu"- something that sometimes happens to people when they switch to a low carb lifestyle ( and no, I am not doing the meat fast. Yet.) Induction flu is something that happens when your body adjusts from being fueled by carbs and starts being fueled by fat. It can be as mild as annoying nausea, but for others it can show up as more pronounced stomach upset and digestive distress.I am kind of surprised that it has taken 3 weeks for my system to switch, but I think it is simply proof of how insulin resistant my system truly is. It will pass in a day or two . Meanwhile I am noticing my stomach is getting flatter and my fore arms have developed skin that looks like it is a little too big for the arm.My pants are also looser and my bra feels like it keeps shifting whenever I turn. I peeked at the scale and is says I am down, but I am not counting it as an official loss till Saturday. My plan for Thurday is to go, have a good time and simply avoid those foods that are a problem for me. There are going to be babies to meet, family to catch up with, kareoke games to play and a lot more. Hope you all have a great holiday !


Diane Fit to the Finish said...

I understand your frustration with waiting because I don't like to wait either. Especially when you've had to rearrange your schedule or your furniture to wait for someone who never shows up! So frustrating!

I hope that the scale shows that all your hard work is starting to pay off. Great sign about the clothes fitting differently!

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow. I think we need to add music into our after-dinner celebrations!

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

I hope your holiday is a wonderful one as well ! I like the sports ideas but with my family, physical activities tend to lead to emergency room visits. Heck, just doing the Bunny Hop or Polkas at wedding receptions has resulted in stitches and broken bones( I kid you not). I would be terrified to think what a football game would do to us. Our music traditions assure that the only thing that gets harmed is a little music .

Mary :: A Merry Life said...

Waiting is sooo frustrating! I totally understand why you hate it. :(

Good job clearing out a corner of the house. I definitely think a treadmill would make a nice fit. :)

hope you have a very happy holiday!