Wednesday, October 7, 2009

You canhear it in the air

Yesterday between the geese and a murder of crows ( at least I think they were crows), our walk was a very NOISY experience ! It entered my head that perhaps in the annimal kingdom our apartment complex is some kind of avian amphitheater and one of these feathered creatures was perhaps the equivilant of our Miley Cirus or something. Could not definately say yes, and worst still I could not definately say no !

We began the day with a happy mess- half cup cottage cheese, one cup frozen berries and one cup Special K cereal with a container of probiotic yogert and coffee. The kid in me loves to mix stuff in bowls it seems. Fun option at 390 calories

Lunch was leftover black forest ham with swiss cheese on Arnolds, celery cucumber and carrot with a 100 calorie pack of Sun Chips and Diet Soda- a welcome 430 calories after a morning that included questions like what is the difference between an ocean and a sea ( has to do with land borders and size ).

At snacktime I wanted something different, so I made two Aldi's fit and active rice cakes with whipped berry cottage cheese and a Fiber One bar for 280 calories. I just felt in a really crunchy, grainy mood.

Dimmer was two oven fried chicken thighs , garlic parmesagn roast potatoes, green beans and a tossed salad for 405 calories. Normally we eat chicken breast, but sometimes you find chicken thighs for a lesser price. While higher in fat, they are also very high in B Vitamins and other nutrients, so it can do your body good to switch every now and then. Evening felt like a crash landing goose, as it had been a really busy day for both hubby and I . I got out our Haloween decorations, planned next weeks menu and shopping list, did some of my own studies, homeschool and housework. I grabbed my usual evening snack of pudding, a Fiber Plus Bar and an apple for 320 calories, bringing the days total to 1825. And strange thing- I do not have a lot of gas from eating two of these high fiber bars. Why is that ??


Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I really enjoy the photo's and writeup's. Timewise or how far do you walk each day?

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

On average we walk about 45 minutes. It is not all in one session, because I have to keep my son on track with school work. Mornings wind up about 30 minutes and then a second session happens after lunch, and depending on how our school day goes , these can be really short or more stretched out.

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

I usually buy the chicken breasts too, but sometimes I will do the thighs/drumsticks just because of cost. My younger children really enjoy them, but the rest of us do prefer the breast meat.

We had some geese overhead about a week ago. They are fun to watch, but loud!

Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

It is so nice to get out and walk. I went for a long one on Sunday and I realized how relaxing it was (no geese and crow, though!).

Arnold Sandwich Thins are the best food invention!

DownsizingDoc said...

Saw you left a comment on "Fit to the Finish" you currently are craving and chewing ice. May be just a craving but it also can be a sign of anemia. Just a thought you might want to consider checking.