Saturday, October 10, 2009

Weigh in because...

It's Saturday morning, and therefore time to smack the scale.

Hubby lost 1.2
Son lost 1.0
I GAINED 1.6 - I guess this means I either have to lower my calorie intake yet again, conclude my hormonal cycle is going to win no matter what I do ( when my body is in a fertile pattern I gain at ovulation AND the week before TOM), Start weighing in while holding a towel bar or other such fun. In either case, it's back to the drawing board.

Now should I get depressed because of the gain or excited because I have yet another chance to get pregnant at age 51 ??? Now there is a perplexing dilemma.

In other news, my nephew made a 180 turn for the better. He was also having seizures which stopped, and now appears to be a normal , healthy new born. They are keeping him for observation for a week and then he will get to come home. Hooray !

We had planned to go to another cemetery today to walk around, but it is FREEZING out. Going to change plans to something that will allow more indoor walking .

Have a good one !!


sian-girlgetstrong said...

Good for you family for the pound lose...and for woman it could be a # fo things so don't get discouraged! Can I sign up to get your feeds? I didn't see where-love your blog!

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

I don't know if I actually have any feeds. It's one of the geeky sorts of fine points that goes completely over my head as to how to create. I think through blogger it has the follow blog button or something and then it shows up on your blog feed that the person has updated. That is the best I know of how to follow- and I am glad you are enjoying our rambling progress !

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

Diane, I'm glad your son and hubby had a good week, and sorry you had a bit of a disappointment. Hormones are not the friend of those who are losing weight.

I definitely vote for no depression, and rather strengthening of your resolve. You are doing great with the eating and exercise. The scale trend is down overall, and that's really the numbers I'd focus on if I were you.

So glad to near about your nephew. Your entire family must be so relieved.