Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day three of joy in the journey- looking at worry

Tuesday proved to be an interesting day on the weight loss front. I was reminded early on that the Reiki principles are something that I must remember to take to heart with my own journey. These are something that all Reiki practitioners are taught in the beginning of their studies, and it is felt that if you live these principles, your life will be balanced, blessed and a blessing to others

Just for today
Do not anger
do not worry
be grateful
work honestly
be kind to every living being

Simple words , but powerful affects, and sometimes the hardest things to do. Exercising the second principle can prove to be a mountain of goo that you keep sliding on. To not worry almost seems to say do not be an adult in the world. To not anger is an easy one for me, but to not worry seems like the impossible dream ! Yet, experience has taught me that most things I worry about are needless. Inspite of my own good efforts, things work out as perfectly as they are designed to. I may be influential in life , but there are many things that are out of my control, so worrying about them is wasted effort.

It was a good thing to remind myself of these things as we went on a nice morning walk. It was one of those mornings that was just cool enough to be brisk but not so cold as to hurt. The air smells like forest right now due to all the dropping and decaying leaves. and I was reminded of some lessons I once learned from a stream in regards to worry. A stream faces several obstacles in its course, but rather than force it's agenda and break those obsticles down, it shifts its course and creates an interesting landscape with its twists , bends and eddys. In time the obstacle is overcome by erosion, and then the stream has character and extra volume capacity. A life lived in balance will behave the same way I belive.

Once back inside we began our school day with the first opportunity of joy- the construction of a haunted gingerbread house

We have built houses in the past for Christmas, but this year we found a kit for a Halloween one. It was a little tricky to get it assembled as the icing seemed to be a little more flowing in consistancy. Perseverance paid off, and we both kept laughing at the way the icing was running and creating a somewhat melting affect in places. Looks like something a ghost would live in ! However a very good time was had, educational principles were applied and a memory was made. Considering I really don't like sweets ( I prefer protein things) and son has been told that such creations are poisonous, it was a safe thing to do .

After school I began menu planning and making the decisions for what we will serve on Halloween. Once again I was reminded not to worry, for it is not the actions that we take on hoildays that determine our life state. It is everything that we do in that great canvas of ordinary time that makes us who we are ! Holidays are to be enjoyed, but only on that day. Once celebratory meal is not going to pack on the pounds, but two weeks of cooking prep with nibbling and a weeks worth of leftovers with further nibbling will. For that reason I have decided I will buy the elements of the ancestral feast on that morning, eat it at dinner and dispose of the rest te next morning. Reason it will not be before bed is that a plate is left out in their honor.

Planning ahead allows me another opportunity to embrace the second principle in my life


Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

Those gingerbread houses are hard to construct! We've done one before for Christmas and it was tricky!

Good plan on your holiday meal. You are 100% right - it's not just the occasional special meal that will make or break our weight long term, but those day in and day out choices.

Rosie said...

Your Halloween house is too cute! Every year I say I'm going to do a house for either Halloween or Christmas and never do... maybe this year. Yes this will be the year. I'll make it and give it Ross' kids.

menu planning said...

This is so wonderful something that i really like menu planning . It has helped me so much over the past few months to save money and eat healthier. Thank you again!!