Thursday, October 8, 2009

A little bug told me

There is an odd bit of weather wisdom out there that says the first frost will occur 90 days from the very first day the cicadas sing. It usually happens amidst the Dog days of summer, and it sends an exciting chill through me. The prospect of frost in the midst of roasting heat ! Just when you are struggling for comfort, you are given a reminder that the struggle you face now is temporary, and it will be replaced with a different struggle. According to this year's cicada song our first frost is due to happen on October 9, and the weatherman is saying this is going to happen. Sadly he also says that two days after this we have a 50 percent chance of snow- the earliest ever for this area. Drag out the thermals and the polar fleece ! Weight loss brings cyclical challenges as well. At first you wonder how you can do it, what you can eat and how to fit in exercise. You overcome those challenges and you start to worry about hings like extra skin, pants falling off in public places and so on. Then comes the discovery of strange bumps in your body ( those would be your bones) and what it is like to be cold in the winter ( fat adds great insulation). And then one fine day comes the deep worries that come from abandoning some long held and much loved habits. All are simply seasons on the journey, and like the seasons they will pass into something new. We get acclimated, all is well and then the seasons change. Our "cicadas" seem to be these strange thoughts that enter our heads for no apparent reason. They are out of place but signal what is yet to come.

Today's thoughts brought to you by the following meals
Breakfast- one Thomases Better Start English muffin with 2 T whipped berry cream cheese, Yo plus yogurt, an apple and coffee-350 calories

Lunch - turkey breast on whole wheat bread( double fiber something) with carrots and celery, an apple and a diet soda-395 calories. Sometimes regular bread is just something I want. Arnolds are great, but there are so many good breads out there that i don'e want to get locked into one option.

Yesterday's snack called to me again, and at 280 calories I can hardly say no. What is it about rice cakes spread with something that makes them so appealing ?

Dinner was the last of the chicken thighs. This time they were seasoned with garlic and pepper and then poached.I served these over Heartland Plus pasta with ALA and Omega 3's with green beans , cucumbers and tomatoes accompanying.

We planed on watching Ghost Hunters last night but our cable went out and we had to move to a non cable TV to watch the offerings on regular TV. I am really liking Middle and Glee ! My evening snack came to join the show for 320 calories. Day's calorie total was 1745.

Think I am going to go move my winter clothes to the front of the closet !

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Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

I often talk about the seasons of life, and how we do what we can depending on what season we are in. I relate to this post very much.

I cannot imagine snow already. We only get snow once or twice a year and that's enough for me!

I hope you have a good day moving your winter clothes to the front of your closet. I'm going to get the fall clothes moved around this weekend. We aren't quite ready for winter here!