Monday, October 12, 2009

Wii, Wii,Wii !!!

I am stiff this morning ! Yesterday son and I played on the Wii fit plus in the morning while dad was at church, and had a lot of fun trying to master the obstacle course , rhythmic kung fu and adding with our hips . It's fun doing these silly sounding things, but they do work odd muscles ! It's all good till the next morning !

Speaking of morning, the day started out with this

A breakfast casserole in the crockpot made with egg beaters, black forest ham, cheese, Arnolds thins and milk. Accompanying was a carton of Yo Plus lite and coffee for 399 calories. I have decided egg casseroles in the crockpot are not something that flies in this house. The taste is kind of , well, funky . Next week , back to steel cut oats in the crock pot !

The good thing about breakfast was that it held us all over well till lunch
Grilled cheese on Arnolds with celery, carrots , an apple and diet soda-255 calories.

After lunch we headed out for a walk, but my leg muscles were not at all happy with the cold air Q! They started doing this weird spasm kind of thing and giving out on me, so we decided to find something else to do at home. We also devised a plan for next Saturday, which will be another free day for us. We wanted to go walking someplace interesting, but I am just not handling the cold well at all, so we thought of the neatest place we could go that is indoors- the Mausoleum ! The one we go to , Queen of Heaven, is the largest one in the united states, with 30,000 crypts, many alcoves and three levels. We tried to find the exact floor plan size but could not, so we did some rough math and figured it out for ourselves. We decided if we go there and walk all three levels , we could have something like a 1K walk. So the Mausoleum 1k is born ! I am thinking of creating ribbons for the event- silly, fun, but gets the job done.

Afternoon snack was a Bartlett pear and a Fiber Plus bar for 200 calories. After which we all spent some more time on the Wii fit plus and discussing everything and nothing. It's a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon !

Dinner was a turkey meatloaf, corn and roast carrot-turnip-onions with cucumbers and bell peppers on the side for 420 calories. The meatloaf was made in the crockpot , and kind of fell apart in the serving process. My guys did not care- I think they would even love meatloaf snoothies !

We settled in for the night and caught Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns on cable while we each caught up with different computer work. We seem to all multitask well around here. I grabbed a snack of 2 Aldi's rice cakes (one got broke up) and cream cheese for 150 calories. Total calorie count for the day was 1424- which is short of my 1500 calorie a day level, but I felt fine.

Happy Columbus Day. We have decided this year to take the day off and watch the parade . I want to catch up on some housework that may include steam cleaning some of my carpets.


Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

I have seen the Wii in action, but haven't tried it myself. I know my kids would love all that fun activity too.

The breakfast you had does look filling. My twelve year old son might actually stay full with that great breakfast!

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

I think anything with serious protein seems to keep you going. I notice on days when we have eaten pancakes or muffins we start getting growly around mid morning, but if it is something with eggs and light starch carbs it lasts a long time. Others have had different experiences, but for us protein means staying power. And in truth, ,is there really ANYTHING that will fill up a 12 yr old boy ??? They all seem to be great eating machines at that age ! All that growth happening...

.::. Jennifer .::. said...

Mausoleum 1K! *laughs* Rock on with your bad selves! I think that I would feel funny about that at first, but it's much better than walking in the cold! My muscles handle cold alright, but my lungs sure don't.


Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I keep hearing about Wii but wish I could see it. I suppose there are many different types of programs with it.

The Mausoleum 1K sounds smart.