Friday, October 2, 2009

Escape ahead

After watching endless comercials for Six Flags and Michiagan for all colors, we mutually decided that we need a day of fun, and it has to happen ASAP. So we looked at the calender and realized that it would be a possibility if we managed to shift all of our grocery shopping to a weeknight, if I jockeyed around the school prep to another weekday and...well we juggled and it is going to happen on Saturday. We are going to spend the day roaming around the area pumpkin farms and a few other places of note- including a national shrine to St Theresa of the Child Jesus , which has one of the largest collections of antique rosaries in the world. Now to some the latter place will sound odd, but it goes back to a custom we had in our days before children. We would research odd sects in our state, and make a trip of visiting their relics, adding in some not so odd places of note, and comming up with some of the most interesting and fun vacations where we learned a lot. We have sort of introduced our son to the practice and he really loves seeing all of these interesting things. So, on saturday we go and the rules are while we are on our trip we just live, experience and have fun. There will be carmel apples, and perhaps a chocolate dipped pretzle. Any idea on the calories or these ?

So after breakfast we began the scramble to free up a day. How better to start it than with a scambled egg sandwich ? 1/2 cup egg beaters, chopped green peper, mushroom, onion and turkey bacon qnd 1/4 cup mozerella on a Thomases Better Start english muffin. A probioic yougert, an apple and a can of V8 joined in for 400 calories.

At lunchtime I noticed we still had a half a loaf of whole wheat bread in the freezer, so I pulled it out tpo make room for shopping later that day. We made turkey breast sandwiches with celery, carrots, broccoli and an apple, a carton of orange juice and a diet soda. The weird beverage combo was a result oif trying to switch the meal items and keep the same calorie count -425

At afternoon snack time we were out of apples, so I had 100 calories of almonds, a chocolate snack pack ( Aldi's house brand) and 8 oz of skim milk for 290 calories

Once hubby got home we headed out to make all our grocery stops in one day, and that meant grabbing dinner out. We ate at our produce market. The food is very tasty and healthy, but downfall is there is no nutritional information, so I had to gestimate for this meal.
a BBQ chicken sandwich on a french bread roll with 1/2 a cup of a chip snack mix -520 I belive

After getting home and putting away the groceries, I grabbed my evening snack- another pudding, a fiber plus bar and a brand new Cortland apple -320 calories. Total count for the day , I belive, was 1955. Lots of walking happened on this day as well !


Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

I think caramel apples are pretty reasonable. The ones I've seen range in the 150- 230 calorie range including the nuts. And hey, it's an apple, right? How bad can it be?! Have fun!!!

Diane, fit to the Finish said...

Caramel apples aren't all that bad, as long as you just eat one!

I hope you have a wonderful time. It's great that you plan things so carefully.

Last weekend we went to a little village (farm) and did hayrides and picked pumpkins. It was a lot of fun!