Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Growth is sometimes painful

Things got off to a late start yesterday. While I was unable to sleep my son seemed to be able to get enough in for both of us, and so he woke up late. Not the end of the world, but one of those inconvenient details to work through the day. It gave me some time to try to think in logical terms about my knee and hip situation. No definite conclusions, but it seems logical that while I am doing some of the yoga exercises the muscles in my torso are becoming more defined, and in that process my spine is being held slightly different . As things are shifting, when I lay down to sleep one of my discs is being relaxed just enough to make it slip into an unaligned state , and it is causing the pain in my knees and hips.Solution is going to be get a new pillow and keep doing what I am doing so the muscles get strong enough to support as they should. I have been plagued with back problems in the past, and have learned first hand what weirdness it can cause in your body. So for now it is push on, grab as many cat naps as I can and just trust in the process.

After son got up we grabbed breakfast and then tackled our first work out session. I do not work out before breakfast because years ago I found that if I exercise before eating I would get serious heartburn . The option was a fast one - 1/2 cup cottage cheese, 3/4 c Special K and 1 cup frozen blueberries for 280 calories. Fun to mix !

After a morning of chemistry, the Civil War and grammar it was lunch time

Turkey ham and cheese on Arnolds Thin, celery, carrots and a honeycrisp apple for 360 calories. There was a second session of Wii Fit Plus to help work out the tension from the morning and burn off more calories. Then back to the books to finish the day.

After school I had to work on the menu and grocery list for next week . Some times when I start thinking about what to eat in the future I get nibbly, so to prevent that from happening I grabbed my afternoon snack for 200 calories
I decided this time to try out some of the different options from, just to prevent us from getting in a nutritional rut. If you limit your dietary options for your main meals to only a certain rotation of foods, you can become nutritionally deficient, and it can lead to serious problems down the road. It is a hassle finding new things and calculating the calories, but it will help to keep you out of the doctors office in the long run. Plus, it allows you to take advantage of seasonal produce. Mixing it up is a very good idea.

Dinner was a baked turkey burger with roast Parmesan garlic zucchini, peppers and mushrooms and brown rice with a salad of romaine, cucumbers and tomatoes on the side for 341 calories . Roast veggies are sort of a natural pair with any kind of meat you roast in the oven. You can roast any veggie except lettuce I believe- though I may be overlooking some way to use lettuce !

Evening snack was 100 calories of almonds, a Fiber Plus bar and a much needed to be eaten pair for 300 calories. Day total was 1481.We settled down to an evening of tv, watching 18 Kids and counting to see the arrival of their first grandchild. Baby shows always make me think about having another one ( for a few seconds) , and affirming that if it does happen I would like to try a homebirth. It's not for everyone, and I had not learned that it was even an option till after my son was a toddler. Once I discovered it, I have not been able to get the idea out of my mind. I have had several miscarriages after my son, and with each one I considered a home birth option. What will be will be- and at 51 I seriously doubt it will be something I actually get to do !


Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

I guess you can still conceive as long as you are cycling, although the odds get lower and lower as you know!

I watched that show too. It seemed like they decided at the last minute to do a home birth? I didn't see the beginning though.

I've never done a home birth but my best friend did several. I always prayed that all would go well for her and it always did.

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

It seems they decided at the last minute to homebirth because their regular OB was on vacation. Part of the reason seems to be issues with modesty on the part of Josh and Anna, which I can totally understand and respect. I have several friends who have had homebirths and then went on to work as doulas, and usually homebirths are events that are planned on well in advance. Michelle has had a few homebirths and I think that gave Josh the confidence that it was a definite option . And as to fertility, it is technically possible until you have gone a full year without a cycle. I am coming into the end of fertility , where I only get a cycle every few months( and totally unpredictable at that), but even still ovulation happens , and at an even more unpredictable time table. It is from this scenario that you get moms who are often mistaken for the babies grandmother instead of mom. In my case it took 8 years to conceive the first time and if i do conceive and carry one to term now I will indeed name him or her Issac. It means laughter -and that is indeed what I would be doing!

Brenda said...

aaahh, you eat a lot of the same favorites I do too (like the 100 almond pack yum!)
I am a stay at home mom with my son that was born with special needs (he get's physcial and Occ.thearapy in our home 2 times a week), so I understand how when they sleep in or don't want to go to sleep till 1am (hate those nights) that it can throw off the whole morning routine! I love your tip on the olive oil that you left on my blog, I'm always looking for new meals and tips--always!