Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A lightbulb moment

I stepped on the scale this morning, in an attempt to see if what I was doing was affective. Mathematically, theoretically, having dropped calories should mean weight loss. According to three different BMR calculations from different sources , I am supposed to be eating between 2000-2400 calories( they do NOT all agree, so hoe exactly is this scientific ??). I dropped my intake from 2000 to 1500, so I should see a loss. I have also increased my exercise level, so there definitely be a loss. Mathematically, if all of this is supposed to be calories in calories out that is. Guess what ? I have gained 2 lbs since Saturday morning. I had a thought of tossing the scale out the window, but my really sore overall body muscles would not allow me to pick the stupid thing up to do so.

And then the revelation happened. The process of building muscle is a break down build up thing. Muscles work and become torn in the work , and then rebuild stronger than they were. As they break down and rebuild, the generate a lot of waste products( lactic acid which is why you hurt in the process and more) , and this waste CAN show up as a gain on the scale. However, if you keep at it, the new muscle increases your metabolic rate an you burn more calories while you are simply existing. This would explain why every time I start to change it up and add more exercise, I gain. I used to be pretty strong, but 5 months of total bedrest with pregnancy followed by being a mom of a high needs baby and all that followed has turned my muscle tissue into an almost non existant thing. I have a LOT of muscle to rebuild, and sadly while it builds I am going to see a gain. So my task here is to know that I will most likely gain this week and perhaps the next, but then the new muscle will help to burn off the fat more efficiently. I just have to keep the faith !

Yesterday was a school holiday for us, and the plan was to play a lot and do some housework. Sadly the housework did not happen because immediately after this "Breakfast Sundae" of 1/2 c cottage cheese, 1 c of berries and 3/4 c Special K (290 calories) we started playing Wii Fit plus. We created our own routines, played the multiplayer function, and just had fun.

Lunch was a flat bread pizza- one Aldi's original wrap, 2 T red pepper hummus, 1/4 c mozzerella, 1 T bacon bits and 2 mushrooms with an apple, celery, carrots and cauliflower and a Yo Plus lite yogert with Diet Soda for 450 calories. We caught the Chicago Columbus Day Parade while we ate, and then back to more playing on the Wii- this time we played with the Yoga routines. My son REALLY likes yoga these days and he is really good at it.

Snack time was a bartlett pear and a Fiber Plus bar for 200 calories. We watched a little TV and then went back to playing with the Wii . We finished when it was time for me to get dinner started, and I noticed I really, really hurt . All over. I had been using muscles I did not know I had !

Dinner was Brazillian coconut chicken over brown rice with a cucumber on the side for 400 calories. I keep playing with the spice combination on this one every time I make it.

After dinner we relaxed while watching Dancing With the Stars - or the showcase for prescription drug commercials it seems (why is that???) and I grabbed my evening snack

2 wasa multi grain crisps with 2 wedges of laughing cow lite and an apple -230 calories. Days total calories came to 1570. According to the Wii, I burned 140 calories yesterday with our playing around. Today is back to school after the long weekend and to keep reminding myself that I am building muscle and the scale aint all it's cracked up to be sometimes.


Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

It sounds like you had a fun Play Day with breaks for wonderful food. That Brazilian chicken dish sounds really, really good.

I think that you are eating the right number of calories, exercising properly, and that these gains are most likely muscle.

Good for you on keeping the faith, trusting your body, and knowing that you are doing the right things. The scale will move. Are you feeling physically stronger these days? I experienced that strength as I was on my journey. Some physical strength even before the weight loss really started to come.

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

So far I am not feeling stronger, but more stable and more toned. I am noticing more definition of muscle in my thighs and butt, which makes sense. Those are some of the biggest muscles in the body, and gaining muscle mass in both of these would involve a whole lot of waste products, which would explain both the soreness and the weight gain. I do know that this is definitely NOT the same journey I went through in my 30's, but nothing about me is the same as that time. I have a different metabolic rate, different muscle mass, different hormonal mix an so much more. It is going to be a learning process as well as one involving physical changes. To be honest, i never really took these factors into account and this might be the reason it is taking so long this time around. Now that I realize this,,it's just a matter of keeping it up and having faith.

.::. Jennifer .::. said...

You keep going, getting all muscle-y and sexy! *grins* It's amazing what muscle does for the body, and how even when the scale doesn't budge, our bodies can look HUGELY different.

Since you are doing everything wonderfully, maybe you should just give the scale the silent treatment for a little while, until it decides to play nice. :o )


The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

Squishy, I have debated doing just that, but the reason I must face it every week is that we are doing it as a family and the Saturday Morning weigh in ritual is something my son really looks forward to. Part of the reason is because the one who loses the most gets the biggest loser award for the week. I am going to have to just keep at it and NOT let any gains make me crazy. I just have to keep the faith and stay the course, no matter how crazy it might make me for a while.

JC said...

You gotta love thos lightbulb moments. Food looks yummy and sounds nutritious.