Sunday, October 11, 2009

A walk, a game and green things

As the old saying goes, onward and upward. If at first you don't succeed, try again. The guys had a good week, I need tweaking again- or begin to consider selling my reproductive system to the lowest bidder on Ebay.Since the later is illegal, the former is in order. I am going to cut my calories again to a level of 1500 per day. That with consistent exercise should help me overcome the hormonal hurdles. I should mention that I am not going this time of life shift without aid- I take chaste tree berry , evening primrose and different vitamins to help. The key word is help, because like it or not your body IS going to change and you will not function like a 20 yr old ever again. It's natures way.

We started the day with a bowl of pumpkin oats , and then headed out for a morning walk in the woods. We had frost the night before, and the air had a definate chill. I snapped a few pictures with my cell phone. It likes being loser to things, but I think you can see the colors we saw

The veiw from the road

Solomon's seal, ready for a winter's nap

Woodbine, putting on a color pageant

We walked around, got very chilled and then headed for a cup of Dunkin Donuts Carmel Latte lite ( Thanks for the tip Marisa !) and then off to the store to pick up some items. One of which was the new Wii Fit plus. With the weather turning cold, a new indoor exercise lure is a very good thing. We did some browsing as well and then headed to lunch at Sweet Tomatoes for perhaps the greatest salad bar on earth !

Plate one was a salad with assorted greens, red cabbage, red onions, celery, grape tomatos, black olives, sunflower seeds, garbanzo beans and more.

Second plate was a sampling of the current signature salads- Summertime Cooler ( baby greens, dried cranberries and a lemon dressing) , Chicken Wonton Happiness ( greens, wontons, chicken, napa cabbage in a sesame dressing) Broccoli madness ( broccoli, cashews, red onions in a mayonaise sauce) and Taffy Apple Salad ( marshmallows, peanuts, red apples, green apples, pinapple tidbits and a vanilla yogert sort of dressing). I also grabbed a half a cup of ld fashioned chicken noodle salad and 3 mini muffins, but somehow that picture did not come out. I LOVE this place. The options are so wonderfully healthy . You feel years younger just walking in there !

We headed home as hubby had to sing at the 4 pm service. I managed to get in some more of my own studying for the week and catch up on some housework. I made Fettucini alfredo and a salad for dinner, and afterwords we all took turns playing the Wii fit Plus. It has a multiplayer feature ( lots of fun) and several new features, ,including a calorie burn meter based on your weight , height and age, and the ability to create customized work outs. Here are some screen shots
From the Form workout option screen
From one of the games found in multiplayer and single player option

From the skateboarding game.

All in all it was a really fun day !


Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I just started 9/11/09. At first, I was storta counting points but now I think calories is easier to keep up with. I've been doing 1500 calories but shucks I think I need to lower it some more. I lost 7lbs in a month (only 87 lbs to go). :-)

This is written my our local weatherman
He lost 75 lbs but was running a lot and aiming for 1400-1500 per day which I lead a sedentary lifestyle, need to walk more.

sian-girlgetstrong said...

what a lovely day you had! wish I could come next time-happy sunday!