Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday morning calm

Nice lazy Sunday morning here !

Yesterday was a busy day with errands and shopping. The temps were warmish, but the wind was so stiff and cold that it made you freeze instantly when you were outside. We plan on eating out every shopping day because of time constraints, and usually we grab from the salad bar at the grocery store. The cold temps made the idea of salad less than appealing, so we went to Golden Corral for their buffet, We all loaded up on salad, fruits and hot veggies, and stayed totally on program. It was a very good move as it lasted for the rest of the day. No one felt like dinner so we each just grabbed some sugar free pudding for dinner. It felt kind of like misbehaving, which was fun. Whole lot of walking going on yesterday.

Later today we are going to work out as a family with the Jillian Micheal's game. It will be interesting to figure how to do this with 3 people. You can do the multilayer function with two people, but no such option for three. I am thinking we may have two use the game while the third uses the stationary bike and then switch till we have each gotten in the time needed to do some good. Working out as a family in the past has been a lot of fun, and this will help us to stay active during the winter months.

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