Monday, December 22, 2008

Dispelling a myth and getting to know me

The three of us are still fighting this virus/bug/plague thing, and it just will not let up.You start feeling remotely healthy, begin to go about normal life and it whacks you flat on your back again.

I think is some weird way , getting hit with this thing at this time and this point of my journey is a real blessing in disguise. From all i have been able to gather about the Core program, you eat till you are satisfied, and in my mind that also says that if you are not hungry, do not eat. If I was doing Flex and counting points, I would be freaking out every day trying to eat to the level of my points every day , lest I fall into some horrible "starvation mode" and i sabotage my weight loss. In other words, spend all tay living on tea and bananas because that is all you can stomach and then forcing myself to eat something like deep dish pizza at the end of the day just to get the points down ( hey, its got veggies, dairy, protien and is point heavy so let's do). That or worse- like a fruity sundae. Instead, with no concerns about points and the focus on real, whole, nutritious foods, I don't worry about it. I pay attention to my stomach, and when it is truely hungry, I eat healthy. While I am sick if I just want to live on water and fruit, there is no stress.

Keep in mind, I have a virus at this time, and my appetite is almost non existant. Truth be told, never in my life have I eaten just out of hunger.I do not stress eat, but instead eat breakfast because this is what the clock says, lunch because it is time and so on.I guess you would call it habitual eating. For a person like me, Flex points are probably a very bad idea ( you must consume those 26 points every day !) One of the best things about the Core plan is that I eat till I am satisfied and when I am hungry, and then eat real food. Real, "I must take the time to prepare, cook and chew" type foods. In a weird way, it is the most empowering thing I have ever done.

Just out of curiosity, I have been keeping track of the points of the foods I am eating, just for comparison. At my weight and so forth I have 26 points per day. Since doing core, when i am not dealing with this crud, I average about 20 points per day. With the crud I have come in at 15, and the scale is moving down nicely.

So much for the starvation mode myth. My body obviously missed that handout, and has been following natures blueprint all along.

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Skye's the Limit said...

I was the same way. I also kept track of my points while on core, just out of curiosity. And again, I was not nearly consuming as many points, but I was always full. It still amazes me.