Friday, December 19, 2008


We are sick. At least hubby and I got sick at almost the same time with a more serious version of something son seemed to have last week.A nasty little stomach virus that seems to be making the rounds. With son he was just in need of frequent potty visits , with hubby he ran a fever and has one night of really meaningful time with the bathroom. I think it saved the best for me though, giving me one night of a high fever and then 24 hours of meaningful time with the bathroom. ( note to self- I have to put some interesting posters or something in there in the event this ever happens again).

Not only has this bug made us cancel vacation plans, but it really threw off on program eating. When son recovered he has no appetite, when hubby recovered he has a little appetite but if given the choice between cooking and grabing carry out, he will grab carry out.Also in his defense is the fact that he does not normally spend 24 hours with our Autistic son, and doing so can be very hard. I cannot fault him- this is a guy who will clean house when asked, go grocery shopping, do the laundry and a million other things. So fast food when mom is sick ( which is rare) is a forgivable flaw.Besides, that is what flex points are for, right ?

So yesterday I spent the day in bed watching DVD's of Friends between porcelain novenas. I managed to drink water and some green tea, and through the course of the day I ate two bananas an a cup of yogert.Four points for the whole day, but it was at least healthy stuff. I finally remebered the beauty, wonder and magesty of Pepto Bismal
( hate the color, smell and taste but LOVE the way it works !), and I could honestly say I started feeling better.

So today it is back to normal for this house food wise, and I have no worries of fast food comming in for the guys. We are having an ice storm with snow to follow, so we will have to eat what is here. Such a hardship- we have a fridge, freezer and cabinets full of on program foods and mom is feeling well enough to cook again.

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Skye's the Limit said...

Awe, Di, I'm so sorry to hear you guys were not feeling well. But, I have to admit, I love your writing style. You're sick as a dog and still making me laugh! :o)