Friday, December 12, 2008

Clothes shopping and Christmas lights

Christmas lights are pretty ! They give a bright glimpse of happy in the darkness. You always have to slow down and give an 'Oooh "to them . Last night I had to go to the store to buy some must have clothing items, so on the way we looked at lights. These pictures are not the most fantastic , as I caught them with my cell phone from a moving car window. But yeah me for getting two pictures up on the same post !!!

I needed to go buy some long pants that fit and find another bra. My current one is getting too big, and I am down to one pair of long pants that fit. All the rest are Capri length. Normally, this is not a great problem because i can wash them between wearings, but Saturday begins a two week vacation for The Hubby and we are planning on going several different places locally. I am not going to be able to wash the same pair every night, so need something quick. Once in the store I headed for the Women's department and reached for a 3x, out of habit. I stopped myself and remebered I have lost weight and that is no longer my size. So I did some eyballing of the offerings and holding clothes up against me to guestimate the size. I grabbed some 1x pants and a shirt, beliving they would probably be too tight but I would eventually get into them. Then off to grab a bra and I was done. Why not stop in teh fitting room to try them on ? I really don't know. I think it is an old habit I got into when my son was small. I grabbed him pair of sweats while in the store. His were 3x, and i was hoping they might fit. When we began , he was wearing a mens plus size 6x, and we had to shop at speciality stores to cloth him. The 6x were getting really snug in the legs.

So we get home, try on the clothes, and guess what ? They are on the verge of being too big !!!! I cannot mentally adjust to the idea that son is wearing a 3x and can now buy clothes in normal stores. I cannot belive that a 1x is actually a little big on me !


Rosie said...

Congrats to both of you! Do you take your measurments?

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

I only take them rarely. With my son we had to track with measurements in the beginning because he was too heavy for any home scale. Then we found one that went up to 400 lbs , he lost and we abandoned the measuring tape is a small non scale victory sort of move. i took mine about 2 months ago to try to figure out what size underwear i was wearing( nothing worse than having undies that just don't fit) , but have not done so for a while. I should , just to see what kind of progress we have made in that way

Skye's the Limit said...

Congrats Di, to both you and Nick! What an awesome NSV! I can't wait until I can shop in the "normal" sizes.

Those pictures are beautiful. You are going to have to teach me how to post two pictures in the same post!

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

To get more than one pic up , select small when you select the pictures and then opt for left or right. The right picture will come up on top and the left one lower. i don't know how to move them around- i will have to just experiment some day to figure it out