Monday, December 8, 2008

Buffets can be good

Yesterday afternoon we went out to celebrate my husband's 54th birthday at a local buffet. I know, several people cringe and run when they are on a weight loss program and need to eat at a buffet. Not me. I see it as the absolute perfect opportunity to put into practice all of the skills you have learned. it is the prime time to make great choices. I think I feel this way because i honestly belive that you are the only one who puts the food into your mouth , and I have never seen a tray of grary soaked anything rise up, reach through the sneeze guard and demand that it be puyt in your mouth or it will end your life. Perhaps I do not go to the right buffets.

In either case, we went to Golden Corral and did very well. I like this particular chain because they have an ample selection of vegetables and decent meat choices. We have rules when we attend any buffet, and that is a plate of salad first. Golden Corral has one of the best salad bar offerings of any of the buffet chains we have been to as far as lettuce greens. The offer nonfat dressings as well as cruits of oil and vinegar. Plenty of fresh fruit options and some interesting other salads as well. I was excited, as I am now doing Core and fruit is a core non count food. I induloged in a lot of fruit and salad, which made me feel really satiated really fast. I then went back for the broasted chicken, green beans and as many other veggies as I could find that were in a non gravy medium and without breading. I even had a sweet potato . Come time for dessert, I went back to the fruit. By the time I finished, I was stuffed. Damage done- 1 point core.

The guys , not doing Core , did well. When we go to buffets we use our flex points for the meal , and it has never proven to be a detriment. If you make wise choices, buffets can be a pretty good option for dining out.

So far I am LOVING he Core program. I feel a lot more full than I did before. After the buffet I was not hungry in the least, but about 8 pm I forced myself to have some yogert with fruit to make sure I got in the nessisary dairy allouances.


Skye's the Limit said...

I applaud you! Buffets are evil! lol

I'm still not willing to go near them. However, I can see how being on core would surely make it easier.

I'm still stuck on the "get your money's worth" kick. But you know, if you stick to veggies and fruits, that wouldn't take much considering the price of them in the stores today! :o)

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

That get your moneys worth mentality is something we all have to deal with . As a kid we were yelled at if we would go to these places and eat anything but meat. But, as you pointed out, when you consider the price of many fruits and veggies, it makes a lot more sense to load up on fresh fruits and veggies over things like noodle , stuffing or even mashies. And consider that fried chicken is a lot cheaper than roaster meats at a carver station or those grilled to order. There it is the cost of the meat plus the salary of the person who stands there carving or grilling.