Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The eve of the eve

Baby, it's cold outside !!!

Not only is it cold outside, but I am turning into a great big winter wimp, and if I do not have to go out in this cold, I will not. Spending this frosty day watching Friends DVD,s, working out to the Wii's Jillian Micheal's Ultimate fitness challenge and splurging on one holiday treat- spiced nuts. I made them according to the recipe posted at http://pitterpatteroflosingpounds.blogspot.com/. While nuts are not technically a Core food, I have found in the past that if you opt for a low carb ,high protein splurge, you will feel greater satisfaction and have less of a negative impact on your progress. Besides that, my husband is a nut junkie , and watching him smile at the smell of warm, spiced nuts is worth it. To be safe I measured out a quarter of a cup for each of us in the kitchen, put them in small dishes for each and then brought them out here to sit down and actually enjoy them. After we have finished, we are going to burn some of them off by playing Rayman's Rabbid Rabbits for the Wii. Such a silly game !

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